Apr 142009

I just came across PIM Backup for Windows Mobile 5.x & 6.x and Windows Mobile 2003 SE which can backup and restore personal information stored on windows mobile based pocket devices like contacts, appointments, tasks, messages, calls etc. PIM Backup is completely independent of the version of Windows Mobile or the hardware or even the language on the device.

PIM Backup can backup and restore appointments, call logs, contacts, messages including SMS, Mails etc, speed dials, tasks and custom files.

PIM Backup can perform

Binary backups which are quick to backup and restore but makes it difficult to modify the backedup data


Text based backup which makes it easy to see & edit the contents

Other features include,

Restore from text file containing contacts backed up from other applications like in Outlook Express

Backup & Restore directories and sub directories and selective or all accounts and attachments on messages

Scheduled backups with turn on/off from suspended mode support.

PIMBackup Selection Backup options PIM Backup Scheduling

PIM Backup in process About PIM Backup

Click here to download the PIM Backup application and extract the CAB file onto your Windows mobile. No installation is necessary. Simply click the copied CAB file on the Windows Mobile to launch the application.

While I’m still struggling to come to terms with the fact, the Windows Mobile Device Center doesn’t have an option to backup and restore your personal information on your Windows Mobile, PIM Backup comes in real handy. Click here to visit the project homepage.

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