Jan 262008

This will show you how to Enable Lock this computer from working the Windows Security screen when you press CTRL+ALT+DEL for all user accounts on the computer. Lock is enabled in Vista and is in CTRL+ALT+DEL by default.

Method 1

Through the Local Security Policy

Go to start–>run type secpol.msc and click ok

Now you need to navigate to Local Policies–>Security Options from left pane and Find the setting for “Interactive Logon: Do not display last user name” and double click on that

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Now you need to change it to enabled and click ok

Method 2

Using Advanced User Accounts Panel

Go to start–>run type netplwiz and click ok

Now you need to click on advanced button under secure logon you need to check the box next to “Require Users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete” and click on ok


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  One Response to “Enable Ctrl+Alt+Delete Logon Screen in Vista”

  1. Neither method works for me….
    the secpol.msc comes up with nothing
    the one where you type netplwiz and it comes up with the user accounts, I’ll go to advanced, but it won’t let me clicked the box in Secure Logon: Requires users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete

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