Apr 292008

During installation of SP2, the following error is displayed and installation does not continue:

Setup has detected a driver (elxsli2.sys) that is not compatible with Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2. Please contact Emulex to get an updated driver and then restart the installation.


The FC Port driver v2.22a8 or earlier is installed on the server although it may not be in use. The FC Port driver v 2.22a8 and earlier is not compatible with SP1 and SP2.


Use the following procedure to remove the FC Port driver. It is recommended that you update to the Storport Miniport driver. Verify with your storage vendor for support and compatibility.

1. If the driver installed on the HBA in Device Manager is the FC Port driver, remove HBAnyware through the Add/Remove Programs control panel.

2. Use the Add/Remove Programs control panel to remove any FC Port driver that is installed. Do not reboot yet.

3. Delete these files in the %windir%\system32\drivers directory if they exist:

* elxsli2.sys
* elxnet.sys

4. Delete this file in the %windir%\system32 directory if it exists.

* elxcfg.exe

5. This step is optional and removes old, unused keys for the Emulex FC Port driver.

*WARNING* Using a registry editor incorrectly can cause issues that require you to reinstall the operating system. Use the registry editors at your own risk.

Delete the following keys using regedit.exe or regedt32.exe if not updating to a newer FC Port driver or migrating using the FC Port Migration tool.

* HKEY_Local_Machine -> System -> CurrentControlSet -> Services -> elxsli2

6. Install a newer driver that is compatible with SP2 (Storport Miniport preferred)

7. Reboot the server if requested

8. Install Service Pack 2

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