Mar 272008

Remote Desktop is a great way to work on your computer from basically anywhere. The port it runs on is 3389, forward that on your router to be available from anywhere in the world.

If you want to Enable Remote Desktop in Win Server 2003 follow this procedure

Click the Start button, and right-click My Computer and Click on Properties

Click on “Remote” tab and check “Allow users to connect remotely to this machine”.At this point, only Administrators can access the machine. To allow more users, click “Select Remote Users…”

Now you should see similar to the following screen here click the “Add” button in the new dialog

In the next dialog, type in the name of a regular user and click OK 3 times

That’s it now you win server 2003 is enabled for remote desktop.If you have any firewalls make sure you have enabled the remotedesktop port number.

To connect to a virtual desktop (2 are allowed in Windows Server 2003) run “mstsc” from a Windows XP/2003 machine and type the address (for other systems you can download the RD client from here

o connect to the console session, you must either have logged in locally to the machine, then try accessing it, or be an Administrator. You run either “mstsc /console” or connect to <machine name> /console.

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  1. thanks… this help me..

  2. I think you have given images from XP system,
    I have tried with win 2003 in same way.
    should i have ntfs formate for this ?

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