Jun 072008

When connecting to Remote Desktop or Terminal Services using the built-in Windows client, even with “Remote computer sound” set to “Bring to this computer”, you won’t hear anything from the remote computer by default.By default,Win Server 2003 has Sound redirection disabled for Remote Desktop or Terminal Services.

Note:- In addition to the instructions below, the server (as well as the client) must have a sound card, or this will not work.

If you want to Enable Audio Mapping for Remote Desktop/Terminal Services in win 2003 follow this procedure

Go to Start—>Run

Type tscc.msc and press OK

On the left side you should see that “Connections” is selected, on the right side you should see, under the “Connection” tab, RDP-Tcp. Right click that, and press properties.

Go to the Client Settings tab, and under “Disable the following:” you will see “Audio mapping” checked. Uncheck it. Now press OK.

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  4 Responses to “Howto Enable Audio Mapping for Remote Desktop/Terminal Services in win server 2003”

  1. Actually, the server doesn’t need to have a sound card in order for this to work.

  2. How do i enable audio mapping on a windows XP machine? since the the example above is for a win Server 2003!

  3. Hi, I have been running Windows Home Server 2003 for about 1-1/2 years. I have 3 XP Pro computers running on the system, one is a wired LAN and two are wireless. The LAN computer has MagicJack. Initially, I could not get the server audio to play on any of the remote computers. All of a sudden, the wireless computers started playing remote audio from the server. The LAN computer will not play remote audio from the server but the MagicJack works fine. I have tried off and on to fix the problem but nothing seems to help. I still don’t know why the wireless computers started working but have accepted the fact that it does. Does anyone have any ideas how to get the LAN computer to play remote audio? Thanks, George

  4. Thank you for the TIP !!!

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