May 092008

The next time that a Windows or program error message box appears on your screen that you want to save, don’t go rushing for a pen and paper. Better way to deal with the problem is to take a picture of your screen, and save that picture into a file for later reference.

All you need is Windows’ built-in ability to capture the contents of your screen, via the PrtScn button on your keyboard. To capture an error message and save it, follow these steps.

  • When the error message appears, click the PrtScn button. This will copy a snapshot of your screen to the Windows clipboard.
  • Open a program like Microsoft Word, WordPad, or even Paint and select Edit > Paste. A copy of your screen should now be visible on the screen. Save the file as you normally would and use it for future reference.

If you only want to capture the error message window itself (rather than the entire desktop), hold down the Alt key and then press PrtScn and then paste the window into your preferred program.

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  2 Responses to “How to Capture and Save On-Screen Errors in windows”

  1. also, in lot of the error dialog boxes this tip is worth a try: Ctrl+C

    paste it into an empty text document after that and voila. no more typing of those crazy hex error codes :)

  2. The error message appears and disappears too fast to do anything.

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