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Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration places your server and Microsoft Internet Explorer in a configuration that decreases the exposure of your server to potential attacks that can occur through Web content and application scripts. As a result, some Web sites may not display or perform as expected.In my personal openion opera webbrowser is more safer than IE/firefox.

If you only need to access the web every now and then from a server or if you are working on a test server, then you can disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration.

For Windows Server 2003 Users

I didn’t find a way to turn it off in the IE configuration and It seems one has to uninstall it: Go to Control Panel, then Add or Remove Programs, then click on Add/Remove Windows Components uncheck the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration and click on next.

For Windows Server 2008 Users

In Windows Server 2003, one has to uninstall the corresponding Windows Component. In Windows Server 2008, this doesn’t work anymore. You have to click on the root folder in Server Manager. Then you scroll down to the Security Information Section and click “Configure IE ESC”. You can turn off IE ESC for Administrators and/or for users. The latter probably only makes sense in a Terminal Server environment.

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  1. how to disable in vista internet security .It is not allowing to access nay website

  2. I disabled it for my 2003 Terminal Server by setting:

    Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Internet Explorer / Internet Control Panel / Security Page — Internet Zone

    to “Medium”.

    The enhanced security message still appears as the homepage still appears until it too is changed.

  3. For windows 2003 server SP2 – the instructions given above- do it at your own peril. Because – trying to uninstall ESC (enchance security configuration) causes uninstall of IIS!!! Not sure how to only uninstall ESC without touching IIS. Probably through the frikking configure your server wizard

  4. Thanks for help me

  5. I am running windows server 2008 R2, and I can’t find the “configure ie esc” in the server manager. Is this only applicable to the first release of server 2008?

  6. Disable IE Enhanced Security
    1.Right click on Computer, and then select Manage.
    2.Select Server Manager in the left hand tree.
    3.On the right-hand side scroll down to the Security Information section then click on “Configure IE ESC”
    4.Ensure that both Administrative and Users are off.

  7. It is easy to disable ESC, but windows still denies everyone but the administrator access to change Internet Exlorer Options / Secuity. This includes users that are set up as administrators. Quickbooks is thowing a fit over this.

  8. heykal thank you I’ve spent the day try to get rid of this

  9. Another way to do this is via add/remove programs – windows components. Select IE Enhanced Security and click on the deatils opion and uncheck Admin and Users. You will need to reboot for the actions to apply.

  10. MicroSloth security is a joke. Can’t fix security issues? Hide them with a nifty, although worthless, message!

  11. Its working for me for 2003 server thanks for sharing.

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