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If you want to to export dns records to a text,CSV file in Windows 2003/2000 DNS Server follow these steps

Solution 1

This will work mainly win server 2003/2000

Click the start button –> programs –> administrative tools –> DNS.

When the dns control panel opens, click the plus sign beside the server and you should see forward and revers dns zones listed…  Likely you want your local zone listed, so open the forward zones, and select the domain for your organization…

Right click the domain for you organization, and you will see a context specific dialogue box open, select “export list…”

Next you will see a dialogue box to save the file.  Select the location to save the file, the desktop would be a fine place, type in a name for the file, and below that select the file type you want to export, ie text, csv, or tab delimited.  You will probably want to select text, but it depends on what you want to do with the file

Solution 2

This will work win server 2008/2003/2000

You can use dnscmd command to export text file


dnscmd servername /enumrecords zonename @ /type A /detail > c:\filename.txt

detail – Lists all information about the records.

You can use dnscmd command to export csv file


dnscmd /enumrecords zonename @ /Type A /additional > c:\filename.csv

additional – Includes all additional information about the records listed.

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  1. hi.. do u need.

    1. go to control panel(click)

    2. add/remove (click)

    3. windows commpaet wiazard (click)

    4. managemnt and Monitor tools (click)

    5. did u add now WMI windwos installer provider

    WMI SNMP Provider

    Simple Netwrok management protocol

    best regard

    semih soykal from turkey

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