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We have already discussed how to install windows server 2008 and configuring domain controller with DNS server in windows server 2008.Now we will see how to install and configure DHCP server.

A DHCP Server assigns IP addresses to client computers. This is very often used in enterprise networks to reduce configuration efforts. All IP addresses of all computers are stored in a database that resides on a server machine.

You need to open server manager from Start—>Administrative tools—>Server Manager

Once server manager opens click on Roles from left pane now you need to click on Add Roles from right pane

Now you can see introduction screen click next

Here you need to select the DHCP Server and click next

DHCP Server introduction details click next

First it will try to check your server is having static ip address or not if it detects it will display here and click next

Here you need to enter your domain name and DNS servers click next

If you have WINS server enter details here otherwise select first option click next

Now you need to add DHCP server scope for this you need to click on Add

Enter your scope details and select check box next to Activate this scope option click ok

If you want to enable IPV6 for this server select here otherwise disable IPV6 for your DHCP server and click ok

Select user credentials click next

Confirmation about your selection click on install

DHCP server Installation in progress

Installation Results and click on close

Now you can confirm DHCP server from server manager as follows

Open DHCP server from Start—>Administrative Tools—>DHCP

Create new scope

Right click on IPV4 select New Scope

Create new Reservation

Right Click on Reservation select New reservation

Finally installing DHCP server is very easy compared to win server 2000/2003

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  2. This was very helpful artical; however what happens after you click New Reservation? Are ther some additonal steps that need to be taken to ensure that the DHCP Server is running as it should? Please advise if possible. Thanks.


  3. How do I enable Stateless DHCPv6 mode. I did try selecting the “Stateless DHCPv6 mode” and then entering the DNS server IPv6 address. However, the DHCPv6 server is not responding to ‘DHCPv6 Information-Request’. I am using Windows Server 2008 Trial Version, build 6001.

  4. Hi , Can u please send how to configure the IPV6 DHCPV6 server so it can send the IP to the Clinets , I tried but I dont see any address in the tree ipv6>>Address leased.

    Thanks in advance

  5. very good nice thanks for your information

  6. Sadly there is not documentation on the entire INTERNET how to run ipv6 DHCPv6 on Server 2008

  7. win 2008 server DHCP configuration methode

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  9. Thanks a lot for the post, very useful for a newbie like me. Now I have to keep looking what is the next step.
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  10. Troubleshooting DHCP sever window ssever 2008

  11. Very Very Usefull Information

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  12. Thanks for the guide.

    is there a way to have two mac addresses mapped to one ip. i have limited ip’s and would like a wireless and wired mac addresses to be assigned the same ip address as they wont need to be connected simultaneously. I know linux can do this, is there any solution in windows?

  13. thnx for th article…

  14. Thanks for the info. Technet has nothing on setting up DHCP in 2008. Most stuff there is geared towards 2003

  15. Thank you for information.this usefull link

  16. Do I need DHCP if all my client connections are connected to the network via wireless connection?

  17. Good job done. Keep it up.

  18. Good Work

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  19. Hi!
    Thanks for this article!

    But I have a problem… My DHCP Server is installed on another server (a member of the domain). It’s working, clients get IP addresses automaticaly.
    But when I open DHCP in Administrative Tools, I can’t reach my server to manage it!

    Do you have an idea for me?


  20. Thanks for Your link. it is………
    thank you!

  21. This was very helpful artical; however what happens after you click New Reservation? Are ther some additonal steps that need to be taken to ensure that the DHCP Server is running as it should? Please advise if possible. Thanks.

  22. thanks a lot boss, it was really useful..

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  24. Do you have to install Active Directory Domain services if you install the DHCP server? I tried to install the DHCP server with the Active Directory Domain services and DHCP server will install, but will not work. DHCP reports being active, but does not function since I cannot authorize the server.

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    Its really so easy, before visiting this page i was thinking DHCP Instalation in Windows Server 2008 will be very diifficult but really its like chicken in plate :), just we have to eat this :) Bye bye

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  31. thank you t was very usefull

  32. Thanks Dear !!!!!!111 i found the steps to configure DHCP scopes which i was looking for. But if i have two lan cards configured on DHCP server whether it is possible to configure scopes. waiting for reply

    Regards AbdulR

  33. This worked perfectly!!! THX!!!

  34. The guides are great. Can one use the Routers DHCP server and still find the DNS server. I have setup a Windows 2008 server and followed the instructions for the DNS but none of the workstations can find the Server. The DHCP is currently handled by a router. is that the problem?
    Need answer quickly and Thanks!!!!

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  36. thanks for this articel before,
    but do you have this articel with windows server 2003 version. coz i really need that for my task.

  37. You enable IPV6 support but don’t configure a scope for it.

  38. thanks for this articel it is a veery helpful

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  39. I have a wireless router connected to ISP modem. The wireless router is setup for DHCP server. I have Domain controller plugged in physically to the wireless router. All clients connect wirelessly to the network. I want to join machines to the domain wirelessly. Will disabling DHCP on the router and making the domain controller a DHCP server work?

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  44. plz help dhcp guide.

  45. plz help dhcp guied.

  46. server 2008 with dhcp

  47. How to Setup DHCP Server in windows server 2008 Step by step Guide

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