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We have already discussed how to install windows server 2008 and configuring domain controller with DNS server in windows server 2008.Now we will see how to install and configure DHCP server.

A DHCP Server assigns IP addresses to client computers. This is very often used in enterprise networks to reduce configuration efforts. All IP addresses of all computers are stored in a database that resides on a server machine.

You need to open server manager from Start—>Administrative tools—>Server Manager

Once server manager opens click on Roles from left pane now you need to click on Add Roles from right pane

Now you can see introduction screen click next

Here you need to select the DHCP Server and click next

DHCP Server introduction details click next

First it will try to check your server is having static ip address or not if it detects it will display here and click next

Here you need to enter your domain name and DNS servers click next

If you have WINS server enter details here otherwise select first option click next

Now you need to add DHCP server scope for this you need to click on Add

Enter your scope details and select check box next to Activate this scope option click ok

If you want to enable IPV6 for this server select here otherwise disable IPV6 for your DHCP server and click ok

Select user credentials click next

Confirmation about your selection click on install

DHCP server Installation in progress

Installation Results and click on close

Now you can confirm DHCP server from server manager as follows

Open DHCP server from Start—>Administrative Tools—>DHCP

Create new scope

Right click on IPV4 select New Scope

Create new Reservation

Right Click on Reservation select New reservation

Finally installing DHCP server is very easy compared to win server 2000/2003

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  10. Thx fr the artical, it’s very helpfull but I have some error at the end of the installation looking like following.

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    I have an issue trying to configure DHCP scope for 3G Mobiles. I am using Windows 2008 SERVER , roles are set up . The mobiles are allocated the correct static ip address on registering to the network . For the set up I put in the IMEI number of the mobile into the MAC ADDRESS / identifier field . After the mobile gest the static Ip address and I check the the DHCPO server , I find that the MAC address has been replaced by characters that I cannot understand. Sorry if I have taken up your time .

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