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We have already discussed win server 2008 step by step installation .After you install a clean copy of Windows Server 2008, the Initial Configurations Tasks (ICT) is the first page that you will receive after you logon to Windows Server 2008.

You can see Initial Configuration Tasks windows as follows

Initial Configuration Tasks contains the following sections

  • Provide Computer Information
  • Update This Server
  • Customize This Server

Now we will see One By One Section

Provide Computer Information

This section contains the following sub sections

Set time zone

Configure networking

Provide computer name and domain

  • Set time zone

Click on Set time zone , if the date and time are not set properly, then click on Change date and time button to set them, to change the time zone which as I said earlier it is GMT-08:00 by default, click on Change time zone button.

Now you need to choose your correct time zone from the drop down list > Click OK > OK

  • Configure networking

This is step number two in section one, assign your server with a static IP address, or leave it blank if you use DHCP.
To assign your server a static IP, click on Configure networking, the Network Connections page will open, right click on the network card you want to configure > click on properties

From Local area connection Properties click on Internet Protocol Version 4 ( TCP/IPv4) > Click on Properties

Choose Use the following IP address and fill the IP address/Subnet mask/Default gateway/DNS as required > then click OK > OK

  • Provide Computer Information

The last step in section one is giving a meaningful name to your server machine, join it to the appropriate workgroup or domain.

Click on Provide computer name and domain, as you can see the machine has a long name. Under the Computer Name tab, click on the Change button.

Enter your computer name click ok

Now you can see your new details asking for restart your server click on close

Restart windows click on restart now to restart your server

After finishing the first part configuration you should see all the details as follows

Continue with Part 2

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  1. Excelent! Congratulations!

  2. The Installation are correct but while changing the domin name it takes one more updated it takes want more information

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  5. i am really happy the tutorial is brief and clealy identified for every begginers.
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