Feb 292008

The Initial Configuration Tasks feature helps administrators configure a server and shorten the amount of time between operating system installation and deployment of the server in an enterprise. “Initial Configuration Tasks” allows administrators to postpone these tasks until installation is complete, meaning fewer interruptions during installation.

Initial Configuration Tasks replaces the Post-Setup Security Updates feature that was introduced in Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1). Initial Configuration Tasks extends the functionality of Post-Setup Security Updates by guiding you through all of the tasks you must complete to configure a new server, not just those tasks that are related to security.

It opens automatically after the operating system installation process is complete and helps the administrator finish the setup and initial configuration of a new server. And yes, you can switch it off… (from install.wim via unattend.xml and/or via Group Policies).

It includes tasks such as setting the Administrator password (default: blank), changing the name of the Administrator account (default: Administrator) to improve the security of your server, joining the server to an existing domain (default: WORKGROUP), changing the name of the computer (default: random-generated), enabling Remote Desktop for the server, and enabling Windows Update (default: off) and Windows Firewall (default: on).

I have devided in to two parts

Part 1

This includes Set Time Zone,Network Configuration,Set computer name

Check Part 1 Tutorial

Part 2

This includes Enable windows update,Enable firewall,Add roles,Add Features,Enable Remote desktop

Check Part 2 Tutorial

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  9 Responses to “Windows Server 2008 Initial Configuration Tasks Step By Step Tutorial”

  1. it’s excellent

  2. please!
    can you give me windows server 2008 configuration.
    thank you .

  3. Thank you I am very visual :)

  4. somebody can provide me step by step process or guide how to make windows 2008 ADC of windows 2003 DC

    Thanks and Regards,

  5. can somebody provide me step by step process or guide how to make windows 2008 ADC of windows 2003 DC

    Thanks and Regards,

  6. Is anybody help with step by step configuration of windows 2008 ADC with standard policy.

  7. Hello friends I have joined jet-king institute for learning MCITP it contains Microsoft server 2008 can any one please suggest me books for reference so that i can upgrade more knowledge

  8. Hi Nafis

    Just change option windows server 2003 Active directory service on installation time. that’s simple

    Thanks & Regards


  9. please i m looking windows 2008 confi please someone can help me thanking you

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