Jun 302008

This isn’t a big step by step guide for something, just a quick one liner for anyone to find the version of Windows in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 & Windows Server 2008.

Winver is the command that one can run to find the version of Windows.

 1. Click Start – RUN (In Windows Vista/Server 2008, Start – Search RUN), type “winver” and press enter.

 This should show the “About Windows”  with Windows Version and Build.

Windows Version in Windows Vista

 Windows Vista - Windows Version

Windows Version in Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 - Winver

Hope this comes handy!!!

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  8 Responses to “Winver command to find the version of Windows”

  1. winver tells us the detail of the OS installed

    but how to check out the version of windows 2008 core ?

  2. 2008 core dont have any GUI …..
    so winver command wont work

  3. For Windows 2008 Core one can use taskmgr->Help->About

  4. your ca virus protection isn’t working on my computer andn your chat page was no good help at all if i can’t figure how to get any thing found on it…………..no help at all ,.ui am getting virus messages

  5. Changed virus protection. Computer is unstable always
    has been.will windows 7 help? some of this is not mine
    exployer freezes after conectand then connect again its okay. need to know how to restore information on a u.s.b flash drive. saved socan do a recovery all the time we recover or restore saved on back up now what to do files are missing? Reguards Patricia

  6. there’s a command line way of finding the windows os version, edition and even service pack number using systeminfo command.
    for more info check Find windows os version command line

  7. Do not know URI,thank you!

  8. i enjoy this product and purchased it. Its on an infected old acer netbook, now I got my desktop back and I want to put the program on this computer instead, is that possible?

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