Feb 242008

HyperTerminal is no longer part of Windows. There are several options you can use to replace its functionality.

  • If you only need remote shell access, you can use WinRS (Windows Remote Shell), new in Windows Vista. To get help with WinRS, type winrs /? at the command prompt, and then press ENTER.
  • Telnet is a simple, text-based program that you can use to connect to another computer over the Internet.
  • If you previously used HyperTerminal to troubleshoot modem problems, use Phone and Modem Options instead
  • Open Phone and Modem Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Hardware and Sound, and then clicking Phone and Modem Options.

Note:-You might need to provide information, such as your country or region and any special phone dialing rules, in the Location Information dialog box before you can access the Phone and Modem Options dialog box.

  • Realterm is a terminal program specially designed for capturing, controlling and debugging binary and other difficult data streams. It is far better for debugging comms than Hyperterminal. It has no support for dialing modems, BBS etc – that is what hyperterminal does.

    Download Realterm from here


You can use tera term for alternative to HyperTerminal

Download teraterm from here


Use Absolute Telnet program Download from here


If you want (or just because you get used to it) you can still use old XP Hyper terminal. Just extract two files hypertrm.dll and hypertrm.exe. You can put them anywhere on the disk, no installation required. Of course, for that you need to have XP to extract files from.


Download and install latest version of putty from here

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  17 Responses to “Alternatives to HyperTerminal in Vista”

  1. Use realterm instead.

  2. Addendum: Or funterm, PuTTY, DCS Terminal etc..

  3. Finally, there is a program with a tabbed interface called IVT vt220

  4. Thank you Justin Goldberg.
    you rock

  5. HyperTerminal is no longer free from hilgraeve.com. Expect to pay almost $43 for it.

  6. Don’t forget Cygwin ;)

  7. @will
    Which program in Cygwin is that?
    I’m looking for XModem support.

  8. Thanks! :)

  9. Go for putty. It is very easy free tool.

    Full Installer :

  10. hey .. i m lookin for a program/software in vista or xp to send d msg from my cell phone which is connected with my pc.

  11. i want an alternative of hyperterminal in windows 7.. i want to connect two GSM modems through hyperterminal by sending AT commands.. Who so evr knows it kindly revert back…

  12. please for the sake of security use
    SSH. more secure though difficult to setup.

  13. @kami

    Lots of people that use hyperterminal need it for uses other than telnet, which I believe is what you are referring to. I, for example, need it to do serial communication with AVR microcontrollers. In that case, security is pretty much a non-issue.

    You are correct, though, in recommending that people use encrypted terminals like SSH if they are communicating over the public internet.

  14. how i can do serial communication in windows 7 through microcontrol 8051

  15. thanks a lot man.

  16. simple utility to use, not a complete replacement to hyper terminal

  17. I came across a new free terminal “ClearTerminal” which seems to be good. You can try this one out if you need a replacement for putty or any other terminal.
    It’s available for download at

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