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You can also burn DVDs using Vista, but you use a different application to do it. The Windows DVD Maker helps you create DVDs containing pictures. You start this application by choosing Start–>All Programs–>Windows DVD Maker.

The following steps tell how to burn a DVD.

1. Place a blank DVD in the DVD drive.

2. Click Choose Photos and Videos. You’ll see a Windows DVD Maker window that contains a blank area to hold video, audio, and picture files.

3. Click Add Items. Add any items that the Windows DVD Maker supports (approximately the same set of files that the Windows Media Player supports). Any music that you choose will get added to a slide show if you create one.

4. Click the Options link. You’ll see the DVD Options dialog box.Notice especially the Video format area. Make sure you choose the right output format for the video.
You can also choose elements such as whether to start with a menu.

5. Select the options for your DVD and click OK. Click Next. You’ll see a Ready to Burn Disk window . This window lets you change the menu options, choose a menu background, and modify the menu text. At the very least, you’ll want to click Menu Text, type a new title in the Disk title field, and click Change Text.

6. Customize the menu as needed, and then click Burn. Windows DVD Maker creates a DVD
for you based on your selections.

After what seems like days, you’ll receive a DVD you can place in any DVD player. Depending on the options you choose, the DVD will start at a menu, provide a full play option, and let you select particular scenes. Overall, the ability to create both full motion video and slideshows is impressive in Vista. However, you can’t rip DVDs, which means that you can’t perform manipulations of existing DVDs like you can when using other products such as Roxio’s Nero.

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  5 Responses to “Burning DVDs with Windows DVD Maker in Vista”

  1. I have Window DVD Maker on Vista. RAM 3 Gig, 500 gig hard drive. I have loaded 310 pictures with audio music. Every time I try to burn DVD for slide show with music it responds with:
    1. Error synchronizing Project, Ran out of memory.
    2. Can not create DVD, not enough storage.
    I am frustrated.
    Need Help Please.
    Mohan Sharma

  2. I have added some video to my Window DVD Maker on Vista and the program all of a sudden freezes up and says that it is not responding. I can not even burn anything. When I press the burn button, it does nothing. I am very frustrated. Anyone know what I need to do to fix this?

  3. OK, Granted, I’m not the brightest guy in the state. So perhaps someone can help me understand why I am having such a difficult time designating my own scenes (or chapters) on the Windows DVD Maker. It’s really nice that MS “tries” to do it automatically for me, but automatic never selects what I want.

    Many thanks to anyone who can help.

  4. I used to have ” windows dvd maker ” on my computer which is a Window vista – premium . I believed that this software came already installed . In the past I have used it , however at this time I cannot find it anywhere ..

    Help .. Please & thank you .. Menna

  5. I have the same problem on DVD maker as Mohan Sharma has and I’ve searched the web on answers but I haven’t found anything. Please help us. After I add pictures then clicking next a dialog box appears saying error synchronizing project. if i click next again, it goes to the ready to burn page. If I click preview, it says “Cannot create DVD preview. And finally when I try to burn it anyway, it says at about 1.6 to 1.8% “Cannot create the DVD. An error occurred while burning the DVD” I’m really frustrated.

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