Jan 312008

when you browse My Computer or My Documents, a single click lets you select a file or folder, but you have to double-click to open it.If you'd rather single-click to open files and folders, you can change the setting on your mouse (don't worry, this process doesn't require any double clicks).

Click Start, and select My Computer

Now Click Tools, and then select Folder Options

Select Single-click to open an item. Then, click OK.

That's it.Now you can navigate folders and open files with a single click rather than a double click. If you need to select a file, simply hold your mouse over the file for a few seconds without clicking.


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  3 Responses to “Change double-click to single-click when you browse My Computer or My Documents”

  1. Thank you for the information on getting single-click for my mouse. What is the charge for subscribing to your feed and what would be the benefit to me?

  2. Thank you! Double clicking is such a pain, especially when navigating through folders on a server. This is going to improve my fingers health by 50%!!!!!!



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