Jan 242008

I have a laptop which runs windows vista and The laptop can either connect to my network using a standard utp cable or using the wifi connection.

Currently it is using the wifi connection automatically if available.I want to change the priority of my network adapters.

Location independent workers routinely connect via WiFi or 3G when roaming around the country, however when you come into the office you won’t necessarily be connected by the fastest means possible.

If you want to Change Network adapter priority in Vista follow these steps

Go to Start –>Network

Now you need to select the network and sharing center

Click manage network connections

Now you need to press Alt button on your keyboard to appear the advanced menu from here select advanced settings

Now you can select network connection and move up or down

That’s it enjoy your choice of network connection.

If you want to Change Network adapter priority in XP/2000 Check Here

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  17 Responses to “Change Network adapter priority in Vista”

  1. Thanks alot for ur help, however All my games are still running on my local ip adress :(

  2. when i press alt and go into advanced i dont find advanced settings how to i get there then?

  3. FINALLY!!!! it worked

  4. Good guide! Thanks, you’ve helped me out no end here!

  5. Vista user friendly my ass =.= Thanks a lot

  6. thanks it helped a lot :)

  7. Any guide for Windows 7? I’m getting pissed over here cuz AGE OF EMPIRES 2 is not working with hamachi!

  8. Nadeem:Jus type network connection in ur search programs n files n then go to view network connection for windows 7

  9. hi i cant conect to any new work on my cumputer have any one any ideas too help me out

  10. hi iv tried every thing still no joy plus it says im working off line how you get that off your cumputer

  11. Windows 7 is really tricky on this.

    Type binding in help and you will be guided to the hidden feature.

  12. Windows 7 instructions are exactly the same as the above except instead of “manage network connections” you click “change adapter settings”

    Everything else is identical

  13. Drop down the “Organize” button,
    scroll down to “Layout” and select the “Menu Bar”. This will give the
    familiar options you’re used to seeing in XP. Click “Advanced” on the menu
    bar, and select “Advanced Settings”.

  14. Thanks Scootie. Stupid Win7 hides the menu bar containing important features.

  15. Excellent article, was what I was looking for so I can prioritise between my home wireless and my iPhone wireless. Worked a treat on Win 7 64bit.



  16. Nice tips. I never knew that we just need to press Alt to show the menu bar.

    Thanks bro

  17. I have the priority as First: Lan and Second: Wireless on Windows 7. However, the Internet Connection keeps using Wireless as its first choice, so the priorities simply don’t seem to work. Has anyone got the same behavior?

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