Feb 162008

By default vista will come with windows firewall.If you are using the Windows Firewall include with Vista to protect your computer and network, you can enable security logging to check the activity of your firewall. The default location for the firewall log is C:\Windows\system32\LogFiles\Firewall\pfirewall.log. However, if you do not want change this location, you can easily change it using the steps listed below.

Click Start>All Programs>Administrative Tools>Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

Now you need to Click Windows Firewall Properties on your right hand side.

Now you need to click one of the profile tabs, such as Public or private Profile.Click the Customize button within the Logging area.Enable firewall logging from the dialog box that appears.

Next to name box, select the Browse button.Browse to the location where you want the firewall log stored. click ok 2 times

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