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The Windows Mobility Center is more of a central storage area for all of the tools you use with a mobile device, than an actual application. You access features by clicking the Windows Mobility Center link in the Mobile PC applet of the Control Panel. Think of the Windows Mobility Center in the same way that you do the Personalization window—as a means of accessing settings fast.

You can also access the Windows Mobility Center by clicking the Battery icon in the notification area and choosing the Windows Mobility Center link. Another alternative is to press WinKey+X.

Once it opens windows mobility center you should see similar to the following screen.Microsoft has designed the Windows Mobility Center to allow for expandability
by third-party vendors like dell,HP..etc.You can seein the following scree dell customized settings

This centralized management utility helps you perform the following mobile device–
specific tasks

Brightness :- Helps you adjust the brightness of your display quickly, which means that you can compensate for differences between indoor and outdoor ambient light without a lot of extra effort.

Volume :- Lets you silence your mobile device in meetings, yet have sound when you’re working alone.

Battery Status :- Shows the amount of power left in the battery. You can also choose a power plan for your system.

Wireless Network:- Shows the status of any wireless network connections to your system. In addition, you can turn your wireless connection off or on.

Screen Rotation :- Lets you change the orientation of your Tablet PC screen to landscape or portrait. This feature doesn’t affect other portable devices.

External Display :- Helps you connect to an external monitor. You can also adjust the output settings for that monitor.

Sync Center :- Shows the status of any synchronization between the mobile computer and a desktop system. You can also use this feature to start or stop the synchronization process and to adjust the synchronization settings for your system.

Presentation Settings :- Helps you configure your system for a presentation. You can adjust the background image, volume, and other display features.

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  1. On some Dell laptops (XPS range) there are some touch sensitive buttons above the keyboard. Any ideas on disabling those things? Done some of them by uninstalling Dell QuickSet. The stupid Windows Mobility Centre one keeps popping up though.

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