May 082008

WLAN Autoconfig is the utility introduced in Windows Vista to configure your Wireless Network Adapter in your PC Laptop. This is the equivalent of Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service in Windows XP. A name is not necessary.. is it?

This can be used instead of using the Wireless Network Configuration provided by the manufacturer like Intel. Advantage of using WLAN Autoconfig is it being a native operating system utility and the fact that there isn’t another bloated software that you don’t have to install and run on your computer. A minor downside is that advanced configurations (which we never use anyway) may not be possible.

To configure your Wireless using “WLAN Autoconfig”

1. Click Start – Control Panel

2. Click “View network status and tasks” (in classic view double-click Network and Sharing Center )

3.  From Network and Sharing Center, click “Connect Network“. This will scan for a list of available networks.

4. Select your network and click Connect.

5. If the network requires (most likely) a security key or a passphrase, enter and click connect. You may choose “Display Character” if you want to see the characters you are typing.

6. Once connected, you an choose to Save the network and automatically connect to this network.

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