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I have a Creative Live! Cam Notebook Pro (VF0250) webcam and after searching i found drivers for windows 7/Vista.I am attaching driver files in this post i hope this would help some one.

Windows 7 Users

Download the driver from here

Windows Vista Users

Download 2 files from here

Incoming search terms:

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  17 Responses to “Download Creative Live! Cam Notebook Pro (VF0250) Drivers for windows 7/Vista”


  2. Not working with windows 7

  3. Thanks a lot! Does work on se7en!!

  4. Thanks, finally works on Windows 7!

    p.s. If you’re having a doubt, Google for VF0250 – the camera I have is like the first result, not second ;)

  5. it really works, after try a lot of other drivers. in windwos 7 64 bits. thanks a lot.

  6. Thank you brother
    It works in windows 7

  7. Thankyou So Much This was A Lifesaver I was about to Buy a New Webcam But you fixed this one!!!…

  8. Works for me too with win7 pro 64bit

  9. It will work..but officialy not supporting windows 7.It got some bugs like auto brighness,cannot get saved the settings like image is upside down always even if u save the settings i got annoyed with that..it seems i need 2 buy the cam..i tried in win 7 64bit

  10. Thanks! it works for me, Win 7. just dont know yet if there will be problems.

  11. It did work. Tnx a lot

  12. I tried to download this but my virus scanner detected malware so I stopped downloading.

  13. The 2_02_05 is the cam video utilities… Creative Live Cam Center

    The 1_04_02 is the Vista driver and for Windows 7 you must run in Vista compatibility mode or you get the message that it is only for Vista….

    Both the drivers and Cam Center work great if you do the above for Windows 7.

  14. It worked fine with Win7 64 bits. Thanks.

  15. Thanks – worked immediately with my W7 Prof.

  16. Tks ! worked like a charm !!

  17. i want to complete and download the data of creative cam vf0250 as match of my windows 7 os system hope it is succes and done.thanksss.

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