Jun 222008

Windows updates may fail in Windows Vista with the Error Code 0×80070422 with the following error in the c:\windows\logs\CBS\CBS.log file.

80070422 SelfUpdate Failure Software Synchronization Windows Update Client failed to detect with error 0×80070422

This can happen for two reasons,

1. “Windows Update” Service is disabled or not set to Automatic as Startup Type

2. “Windows Modules Installer” Service is not set to manual as Startup type.

To resolve the problem, set the Startup types to “Automatic” & “Manual” respectively. To set these

1. Click Start¬† and search “services.msc”. this should show the services icon.

2. Right-click “Services” and select run as Administrator.

3. Once into services, in the right-pane look for “Windows update” service, right-click and select “properties”. Set Startup type as “Automatic” and start the service. Click Apply OK.

4. Similaryly, set the “Windows Modules Installer” service startup type as “manual”.

Once done, restart the computer and you should not have any problems with Windows Update.

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  5 Responses to “Error code 0×80070422 when Windows Update Fails in Windows Vista”

  1. Thank’s!!! it’s working

  2. Just been having some problems with vista, tried everywhere for info o no avail
    ypur suggestions worked perfect thank so much.Novice user am afraid

  3. Got this error in Windows 7 x64 Pro.
    Windows Update Service was set to Disabled. I set it to Manual, and the installer now works OK.
    So the info above is not completely correct – the setting can be either Manual or Automatic.
    (Both Windows Installer and Windows Modules Installer are set to Manual too)

    I have Windows Update turned off in Control Panel, and check for and download updates manually.
    This error did not occur with the previous month’s batch of updates, so something altered the services setting.

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