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Error(s) Found: Code 80244019 when trying to run Windows Update in Windows Vista indicates a problem in connecting to Windows Update Server. As a initial check, check if you are having connectivity problems. Also, if there is a proxy server used in your Internet Explorer, try to disable the proxy and check if that helps. This may not work in some corporate environments. Please check with your network administrator in this case.

If all looks fine then this could be a problem in Windows Registry and you may have to make the following registry modifications:

1. Click Start – Run, type regedit and press enter.

2. Navigate to the following Registry key



3. Once in, from the right-pane, change the value of the key




4. Reboot the Windows Vista PC and that should fix the problem.

I’ve seen a lot of of our users did not find this resolving the problem. One other thing I would suggest in Windows Vista is to stop or disable the “winHTTP Web Proxy Auto Discovery Service”

WinHTTP implements the client HTTP stack and provides developers with a Win32 API and COM Automation component for sending HTTP requests and receiving responses. In addition, WinHTTP provides support for auto-discovering a proxy configuration via its implementation of the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) protocol.

To stop the service

1. Click Start – Search for Services.msc and press enter.

2. In the right-pane, scroll down to the “winHTTP Web Proxy Auto Discovery Service“. Right-click and select “stop”.

3. Now, start Windows update and check if that helps.

If anyone tries this, please take a moment t post your comment about the results which could help other users.

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  147 Responses to “Error(s) Found: Code 80244019 when trying to run Windows Updates in Windows Vista”

  1. I couldn’t update anything at all, SUPERantispyware absolutely saved me,thanks

  2. Could not update anything for approx 25 days. Superantispyware (free) found two trojan horses – DNS Changer and fixed the problem. Thanks to all who suggested the remedy. Cheers

  3. CHECK you Router DNS settings. I spent 4 hours with Microsoft tech with no fix. I did have a trojan but never could resolve the updating until I found two bad DNS paths on my router. Delete them and make sure your Trojan has been eliminate and it will fix your problem



  5. I have tried everything!! nothing seems to work ! I have about 6 antivirus programs running lol still nothing tried everything I was told to do nothing I have to say I am at a loss if anyone has any real fix’s please let me know.. I am not sure but maybe i have a newer version of the same problem ..? is that possible?

  6. superantispyware solved the problem.

  7. error code 80244019 fixed
    i had this problem
    drove me crazy
    its a dns changing trojan
    spybot s&d will find it but only removes the symptom
    i tried 90% of things out there for this
    only one worked
    malwarebytes anti malware
    i couldnt download it at first but somehow managed it from somewhere else but this found and deleted the trojan finally
    now windows updates fine
    and i dont get redirected in google anymore or failed to load certain web pages
    good luck

  8. this works well:
    SUPERAntiSpyware Professional
    this is free software

  9. ok, This is what the problem may be. I read on another site that this problem is caused by some sort of Trojan. my norton didnt pick it up, but i used malwarebytes

    and it found the trojans. i got rid of them, rebooted, and updates work now.

  10. please report, if it works!

  11. The dude above had the fix for my problem regarding not being able to download windows update…
    Here’s his post again in quotations…
    Thanks for posting

    “ok, This is what the problem may be. I read on another site that this problem is caused by some sort of Trojan. my norton didnt pick it up, but i used malwarebytes

    and it found the trojans. i got rid of them, rebooted, and updates work now.”

  12. hello , i followed the first way i added foldr named windowsUpdate then i added foldr named AU after that what should i do ? make just a key or string value or binary value ? and if i choose one of it how could make the “UseWUServer”=dword:00000000 ? is this just the name or what cuz it when i made it and press modify there are tow things 1- value name 2- value data

    plz help me

  13. Thanks a million as i was breaking my head how to solve the problem. Running SUPERAntiSpyware and removing DNS Changer Trojan fixed the problem.

  14. I download the Software: SUPERAntiSpyware. Then run a scan. This Software found 2 Trojan fils and remove them. After a reboot Vista and Antivir can do a update. Please send an answer if it works.

  15. THX SUPERAntiSpyware delete trojan thats ok but I now have other problem with code: C80001FE pls help ans sory for my ang

  16. i download the SUPERAntiSpyware and it do wide out the fucking Trojan.
    SUPERAntiSpyware is just awesome!!!

  17. Same her… no windows update directory, \WindowsUpdate\AU,
    so I tried fix number 2 and guess what… it is already STOPPED so nothing to stop.

  18. Again, I have been through basically all the fixes above, including looking for static dns on my router (lynksis wireless G).. and I have downloadedaat least 6 more malware software… and I noticed no updates to Norton..which I uninstalled and re-installed an older version.. still no updates, no updates to Windows, and to most of the malware software.. when I request updates all of the programs say I am not connected to the internet so I cannot get any updates.

  19. I tried Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, Error expert, regdefence, reg mechanicx 8, Stopzilla, HyJackThis, adwatch, adaware, … just to name a few… I have tried safemode on my VISTA machine, as well I seem to have errors like my version of Windows Vista is not an authorized copy and will not be supported any longer, and other scary incorrect messages..and I am sure this is a DNS hijack type of program. I worked on this for almost 55 days. HELP PLEASE!!!

  20. YES.. malwarebytes did do the trick…
    I found the files in the registry and I deleted everything Malwarebytes suggested… then I went to SAFE MODE and did another couple of scans all of which showed results that there was nothing compromising my in reg mode, downloaded and installed all my windows updates 19 of which was 60 MB.. and all seems well as I uninstall at least 6 other free software and leave my MALWARE BYTES software, since it worked. SO NOW I WANT TO KNOW HOW I GOT THIS TROJAN!!??

  21. Thanks, cookiedood….

    I had tried everything listed here, then came to your entry. Tried to download MalwareBytes but noticed that whilst I entered, what showed up on the URL line was MalwareBytes.Org with a “Page Not Found”. Eventually went to Download.Com and downloaded the program from there. Ran it and behold – 9 nasty Vungo virus issues that had not been picked up by Defender or AVG Ant-Virus, plus a couple of online scans!!

    MalwareBytes successfully deleted the virus and bingo – I was able to update.

    Thanks for your advice. I was almost ready to hurl my laptop out of the window!

  22. yeee this SUPER worked now i am free :d

  23. After spending 2 days trying to fix this updates problem only had new computer 2 daya! ) i also tryed MalwareBytes and SUPERantispyware and yeahhhhhh this worked both found virus and torjans that my norton, avg never ,thanks for the advice :D

  24. realize the two steps, but I still get the same error

  25. I copyed this comment, because this advice did the trick for me – now I can update my computer again. I havn’t been able to do so since 26. november 2008. I’m a happy guy again.


    The dude above had the fix for my problem regarding not being able to download windows update…
    Here’s his post again in quotations…
    Thanks for posting

    “ok, This is what the problem may be. I read on another site that this problem is caused by some sort of Trojan. my norton didnt pick it up, but i used malwarebytes

    and it found the trojans. i got rid of them, rebooted, and updates work now.”



    “i scaned my comp with SUPERantispyware and it found the trojan DNS changer
    i went to quarentine and selected remove and reboot but when the comp is back on again, the trojan DNS changer is back again!!
    am i doing something wrong or it just cant be deleted?”

    Even when you do it right, windows update may not work. I was curious so I did the same scan with SUPERantispyware maybe 5 or 6 times in a row(each time there was either new or old TROJAN but I didn´t give up and did it over and over again, each time rebooting comp and deleting TROJAN from quarantine).. And at the very end I get rid of the problem :))) you just have to be relentless.

    THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH EVERYBODY!! I am so happy right now, when my problem is solved.

  27. OK, as previously stated by other users, this is definately a pain in ass problem. My cause is for sure the trojan virus, nothing to do with the registry values, router or any other proposed causes. I knew the problem was nothing to do with my router as we have 2 identical laptops with identical software, one was updating and the other wasn’t. Although it seemed to working fine on the surface, browsing the web etc.

    On the advanced/DNS tab in the LAN settings there are indeed 2 alternative DNS address, that when deleted find their way back in there! Trojan is creating files in the windows/system32 folder.
    Solution is downloading a good spyware program, several of the links here mentioned are out of date, try googling the the trojan DNS addresses.

    THE SOLUTION FOR ME WAS A FREEDOWNLOAD called SUPERAntiSpyware which found and eliminated various threats ans solved the problem entirely.

  28. Hi everyone. The solution that worked for me was removing the DNS server addresses. (Advanced TCP/IP Settings)

    Thanks a lot !

  29. I’m a pessimist by nature, and so I had no hopes when I decided to try out SuperAntiSpyware as a last resort!
    Voila! It ran some scans, quarantited some items, and rebooted my PC!
    And yes I could update my vista and my antivirus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Three cheers to SuperAntiSpyware! You rock!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hello to everybody, i tried y the last 3 days all possible explained solutions, but i did not get the way that windows Vista updates. I get the same error. I do not know what to make. I am writting you from Madrid(Spain).

    Maybe somebody can give me a specific guide to follow in order that i make these steps.

    Thanks a lot for yor help.

  31. Ladies and gentleman SuperAntispyware is question for your ask with problem error code 80244019, nothing else only superantispyware. Thank you God Superantispyware is really super. thanks

  32. I’ve had this problem since last wednesday – cannot run windows update plus google search does not work as it used to. When searching I don’t always get the destination url selected and I’m getting a lot more popups than normal.

    Have tryed WU server file – cannot find, HTTP Web Proxy Auto Discovery Service – is set to stop, I’ve run both SuperAntispyware & Malwarebytes Anti Malware – all they found was tracking cookies.

    This problem is only affecting my Vista laptop, the XP laptop, Internet tablet and my smartphone, all that connect through the same broadband connection, all work perfectly.

    Anybody got any ideas before I do a full system restore on the vista laptop.


  33. I got the same problem. I did all the things mentioned above and nothing worked.

    I have trouble with connecting to any update server. This means I also can’t update the definitions of Malwarebyts and SuperantiSpyware. Also I’m directed to the main-googlepage when I click a link every now and then.

    I checked my DNS server address and it looks fine,

    so I’m afraid it’s not the trojan horse that’s the problem here.


  34. Ok, turned out it was a trojan horse. I did a diagnose on the LAN and it said it could not connect to DNS server with some address that started with 85.

    I manually downloaded and installed the new definitions of Superantispyware and it found some new threats.

    After removing them I finally could automatically update everything again.


  36. Still not able to sort this problem out. Cannot manually update Superantispyware as Jos could. I am starting to suspect Norton 360 as being the problem, have run some tools downloaded from Symantec but I still cannot resolve the errors. Nothing still wants to update, still having errors with Google search, loads of popups and now Java runtime keeps starting! An ideas?

  37. @Jimbo:

    You tried to download and run this?

  38. Thanks Jos for the link, was able to update the definitions on Superantispyware but it still does not find any problems with my computer. Have run windows live onecare scanner beta for vista, found two trojans but still has not solved the problem I am having. I am going to run the onecare scanner again and if that still cannot solve the errors, I’m going to uninstall and reinstall Norton 360 as I think some of my problems might be being caused by it’s firewall. Worth a try before I wipe the hard drive and do a full system restore.

  39. I’ve run Windows Live Onecare Scanner Beta for a second time found the two trojans again, they mustn’t have been deleted the first time, removed them. Have now been able to run windows update, 7 updates, Google search now works correctly, not getting any popups – so job done.

    Link to beta scanner :

    Now all I’ve got to do now is get Java working in IE7 – but them again I might try Google Chrome!

    Cheers and thanks for all the assistance

  40. The solutions 1 registry edit 2 win http do not work..

    The reason for this error in windows/defender update is due to infection by a trojan (HijakDNS) that changes the ipv4 dns to 85.x.x.xx thus preventing updated of not only windows but of many common antivirus programmes like avg. avira, kaspersky, nis2009 and others. It also blocks acces to downloading the solution software which is superantispyware.

    Here r the steps that worked for me..
    1 So download this from any other site like cnet or brothersoft or downloadnet
    here it is

    2 go to the update page of superantispyware free editon and download the executable file of latest definitons first
    the link is

    run the definitons as administrator

    Pl note the trojan wont allow automatic update and older versions of this software without updates cannot detect and delte this trojan

    3 Now run the superantispyware as administrator..and lol it will catch the trojan and quarantine it

    4 reboot and now the problem is solved!! U can now update windows/defender/avg/kaspersky and all others..

    5 check again for reinfection

    Hope this will help lots of people
    But my question is how did i get this trojan in the first place despite a good firewall and a security suite?

    kspersky, spywaredoctor, nis 2009 do no detect this trojan!!

  41. Malware worked for me i had tried SuperAntispyware a couple of times but it was still giving me problems now i’m able to update with no problems.

  42. The superantispyware works great for this problem. If it is impossible to update, try it from a other computer, because it is important to have the latest update. My problem of updating vista ultimate was because of code 80244019, caused by a trojan called rootkit.agent/GEN-GAOPDX. After remove it, everything works normal.


    Step 1: Remove Trojan or viruses
    1. Download freeware Anti-Malware Remover from the link give below:

    NOTE: You may have to uninstall the Antivirus program installed on your computer as they might conflict with each other and you would not be able to remove the virus from the system.

    DISCLAIMER: The third-party product discussed here is manufactured by a company that is independent of Microsoft. We make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product’s performance or reliability.

    2. After downloading it, please double-click the downloaded file to install it.
    3. After installing it, please launch it to scan and remove Trojan or viruses.

    Now try Windows Update to see if the issue has been resolved. Please let us know if this step has resolved it. If not, please proceed to the next step.

    Step 2: Configure the connection to obtain an IP address automatically
    1. Click “Start”, input “NCPA.CPL” (without quotation marks) to Start Search bar and press “ENTER”.
    2. Right-click the Network Connection and click “Properties”.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    3. Click to highlight “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” and click “Properties”.
    4. Check “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.
    5. Click “OK”.
    6. Click to highlight “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click “Properties”.
    7. Check “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.
    8. Click “OK”.
    9. Reboot the computer.

    Now try Windows Update to see if the issue has been resolved. Please let us know if this step has resolved it. If not, please proceed to the next step.

    STEP 3:

    To perform Force Global DNS server

    Troubleshooting Steps:

    Navigate to Control Panel and open “Network and Sharing Center” and “Manage Network Connection”
    Then right click “Local Area Connection” and Click “Properties” and then Click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click on “Properties”.
    Now select the option “Use the following DNS Server Addresses” and then enter the below mentioned numbers
    Preferred DNS Server-
    Alternate DNS Server-
    Click OK and then again OK to close all the Windows and then restart the computer. Try Windows Update again.

  44. my vista computer willnot allow to java to download

  45. The SuperAntiSpyware Works Great :)!

  46. ref: Comment by Klaas on February 18, 2009 @ 3:36 pm

    step 3 worked for me, after tryin all of the above,
    big thanks to you

  47. I was having the same problem during 3 months. I visited many forums to resolve the problem, tried different ways…nothing helped. Yesterday found information about Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware. And it’s really greate!!! I have resolved the problem. Besides it’s very easy: download
    then install, do scan and thats all!!!

  48. Hi there,
    I was having the exact same issues with the error code not being able to connect to the server so I also found the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware download.
    It works awesome
    Everything has been updating very well

  49. thanx!..really appreciated!..this thing workeD man!…
    m all wit smileSs

  50. Folks,

    I appreciate great effort by each one of those who have found the ways of overcoming this issue.
    I corrected my problem by download Malwarebytes Ant-Malware software. It has removed the virus that was hindering windows to download updates.
    I suggest, before trying other critical options e.g. editing registry or something, please try very basic remedies such has finding the viruses. And of course later we can try advance options as well.
    I again thank to the people who helped me to solve this critical problem.

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