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When installing Vista, this error is frequently experienced. Here is what is causing the bug and how to work around this problem.

During the installation of vista, here are two common reported errors that will cause a blue screen of death (BSOD)


STOP 0x0000000A

By default vista will reboot quickly after a BSOD. If the user had time to notice, usually both of these errors will be on the screen. The computer just reboots so quickly that the user only has time to notice one or the other.

The most common cause of this error is attempting to install Vista in a computer with more than 3 gigs of RAM. This error predictably occurs around the 60-64% mark in “Completing the Upgrade.”

Removing enough memory to get below 3 gigs will allow the installation to continue.

This error may also be caused by a bad or incompatible controller, failing or over clocked memory, or a piece of hardware that Vista does not support. Removing and disconnecting non essential hardware during install may be helpful.

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  1. I had vista for a month or so then started getting this as a bsod…no new hardware added and not during installer, my vista does say i have 3008mb of ram though, but i never had this bsod for a long time then it just suddenly started happening?

  2. Thanks a lot !!

  3. Yeah, I have the same as matt.. I just suddenly started getting it… I Re-Installed Vistabut its still there… Any help?

  4. I got a new laptop for £400 and first time on it went to blue screen. I’ve tryed every thing but it allways came back.
    Also when the other day when it went to blue screen it stayed like that antill I unpluged it, I read the hole thing and it dident help one bit.
    Need help.

  5. yes now i understand that was my overclocked memory

  6. I’ve a newly acquired Sony VAIO VGN NS31 M/S that I’ve purchased from Saturn Computers a couple of days ago. I was always displeased with the factory-installed OS that came with the computer and I wanted to perform a fresh install of Windows Vista Premium RTM (Greek version) because I own already the two service pack self-extracting stubs into spare CDs that I plan to install in a later time.

    At a first time the system install was fine, but recently I got that nasty BSODRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL every time while trying to install the OS.



  7. hi guys i have a sony vaio VGN-NS30E/S and im having the same issue. at first it ran wonderful but 3 months later i started gettin this error. i then restored the machine from hidden partision on the hard disk drive and that failed to sort it too as it was ok at first but went bad over time shortly after installing windows updates. i was wondering since my machine has a hidden partision and in sony vaio recovery centre it says perform full system recovery. do you think i could perform a full entire recovery with out recovery disks becasue at minute ive been restoring only the C drive. ive also had issues with the webcam set up on msn but found out that if i installed messenger plus live it ran ok then. but still get this anoying blue screen. its that bad that i cant do a windows defender scan with out it happening grrrrr. please if ok respond to my email as i dont think ile remember this forum again lol as i have a forgetful memory lol

  8. THANK YOU!!!!!! Such an easy fix without all this BIOS reconfiguring, etc. Thanks again!!!

  9. hi guys its david again lol. i am still having the blue screen error lol. although iu have found out that if you reboot the com and keep pressing F2 you can then reset the memory to its optimised default settings and the machine will run great again for a while. just remember, to save the new settings once done witch it tells you how to do it on the left pain. i have a sony vaio VGN-NS30E/S if any body has a way around this error please let me know at david 12396 @ Hotmail . co . uk

  10. i am that eager to sort this error out that i am willing to give out my email address. i know i shoulddnt for sucurity purposes but i8 just want this error sorted once and for all. thanks guys for reading. david

  11. late December 2009, on Vaio with Vista Business edition at home, i’ve experience obvious computer “misbehavior” like unable to update virus definition or open antivirus webpage, hijacked search page etc..tried my best to fix the virus problem, and at the same time, there was also BSOD with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error and some other BSOD error , check the settings and all, nothing helps, lucky, its time to upgrade to Windows 7, fresh upgrade, and it went away.i use usb disk at office and home, after some time, i noticed a pc at the office and the office laptop suffered the same symptoms, same check, scanned memory for error, check for system heating etc..same error, at the end, a simple system restore fix the error. after searching the internet failed to identify any specific culprit and solution, i concluded it’s a new generation of virus that tried to posses your pc by hijacking the kernel process, memory and code insertion, hidden process, rootkit, and HAL (hardware abstraction layer). this time, we are lucky because there must be some error in the virus coding that caused BSOD, in the future, when they code the virus right, our pc will truly by “zombies”. right now, i run my temp directory in ram drive, so it will be cleared definitely at each reboot, and use prevx and malwarebyte, and antivir to monitor any suspicious activity.

  12. hi guys. has any body found a solution yet to solving driver irql not less or equal on sony vaio VGN- NS30E/S???

    sony claim that if hardware diognostics have been sucessful with no errors found then the other problems is to do with a driver on the system with privilidges its not ment to have they claimed. i told them that this machine is brand new and should not have these errors. they told me that if i do a full restore of the system and not a c drive recovery it should solve the problem but if not, im to organise a date with them and they will take my system as its under worranty. prob is that this is a replacement system already and ive had enough of these problems. tip guys, go with advent you will not have many problems with them at all. tried system restore and that still didnt help at all. this error was first knowtised after the first C drive recovery as i had to do this the first day i got the machine as i set it up and the operating system was unstable big time and nothink was running smoothly even tho the machine haddnt run before. any help guys ide reli be greatful if this irql error would get lost. thanks david

  13. Hi guys… i’ve started to get this error since a past couple of days… i’ve tried searching at various forums but all give different opinions on this one.. if anyone has a solution to this one please post up.. any help would be really appreciated…

  14. I keep getting this error with stop.0x0000000a (0×00000000.0x0000001b0x00000000.0x8244ba3b1
    It apeers everytime i log in to my account. It started happening after i got the malware known as antispyware soft. I have to agree with david and say this is a virus error the hackers are touching stuff that shouldnt be touched and it is a cluster fuck for your cpu.

  15. I was having problems with my hard-drive so I replaced it with a like-for-like western digital 500GB.
    Before I replaced the hard-drive, it seemed to be partitioned into c-drive and d-drive (both 250GB) but now I’ve replaced it, it is 500GB in the c-drive.
    But anyway I have had the bsod three times now since I’ve installed the hard-drive and two of them were IRQL and another was BAD_CALLER or something.

  16. Hey everybody… though I would offer a little tip. My computer has been showing me the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen for a week so I looked up what might be causing it for an already-installed Vista… I’ve had my computer for a few years, so it isn’t new… anyway, I heard that it often can be the result of outdated/incompatible drivers or hardware. This site has a lot of great info on ways to fix it:

    Also, you can go into your computer by clicking Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Problem Reports and Solutions, and your comp will tell you if there are any errors in the hardware/etc and how you can fix it by simply reinstalling some of the drivers online. Hope it helps! Now I’ll go see if it works for my computer…

  17. I Have the same as matt i hav had vista for ages then it just appears out of no where any suggestions to fix it??

  18. I encountered this problem when doing a reinstall of vista wich I have been running for several years. It was driving me crazy because the blue screen was random. I remembered the original install was with 2gb of ram and I am now running 4gb. Dropped it back to 2gb and installed with no problems. Thanks for the helpful tips

  19. This fixed my issue when trying to do a recovery… You da man! Thanks

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