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After installing autocad R14 in Vista when you try to click on autocad shortcut you may see the following error

“Mem Bad Pointer” then

“Smartheap error handler recursively re-entered”

Solution 1

find SH31W32.dll file in r14 folder then rename it or take backup

replace SH31W32.dll files that works with vista from here

Solution 2

Another user used this dynamic library file, setup the permissions on the .cfg and .reg files in the mechanical folder to allow writing, adjusted some registries to allow writing,

After the .dll replacement, R14 would open but may be getting two error messages. On opening, I would get one message about being unable to modify the registry and a suggestion to open REGEDIT.

On closing R14, I would get an error about not being able to write or save configuration.

Detailed explanation

I looked for what could be considered a registry file. “acadaut.reg” was what I found that looked like a good option in the “c:\program files\mechanical” folder, which is where all of the R14 support files tend to be on my machine. So I right-clicked on the file, selected ‘properties’, went to the ‘security’ tab, and edited the permissions so that ‘write’ access was allowed. I actually, granted ‘full access’ because I didn’t notice ‘write’ as it’s own selection, but that was probably more than is needed. I then looked for what would be a configuration file and found “acad14.cfg”. I went through the same permissions update with it. During all this, I’d make a change and then try out R14, make another change, try out R14 again. After/During this, I felt the need to go and run REGEDIT, right click on each major folder, and update the permissions to allow writing there too. Now I have a working R14 on Vista 64-bit.

My version of R14 does include mechanical desktop, however I mainly use the AutoCAD program. Also, AutoCAD seems to prefer being installed in the Program Files area, not the Program Files (x86) directory.

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  11 Responses to “Fix for Mem_Bad_Pointer Error AutoCAD R14 in Vista”

  1. After many attempts to get Autocad 14 working in Vista I gave up.I installed Virtual machine running Windows XP and installed Auotocad.The program worked but unable to print as no USB drivers in Virtual machine.
    This Auotcad 14 fix for Vista works and is so easy to do.Just follow the instructions I now have Autocad 14 running in Vista.

  2. Can you be more specific? I`m not that much into programing.
    I can`t open my Autocad 14 in Windows Vista I get MEM_BAD_POINTER

  3. I am having the same problem with Autocad LT98. I have ammended compatibility to Windows XP (which my version of AutoCAD LT98 runs perfectly with), Windows 98/Windows ME, and Windows NT4 without success. Is there anything I can do without reprogramming Autocad?

    Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

  4. Can some one tell me in a simple language step by step how to install AutoCad R14 in Window Vista. thank you

  5. I can’t get my autoCAD 14 to work on Vista, I get the MEM_BAD_POINTER note. Please tell me what to do to get autoCAD working on Vista.

  6. Please tell me how to install AutoCAD14 on my Vista home version. I get the message mem_bad_pointer.

  7. I have been using R14.01 under Vista with no problems. Now that I have a new hard disk with windows 7 64 bit, I need advice. Is there any way of running autocad 14 under windows 7 64 bit?

  8. I can’t open/activate AutoCAD R14 on Windows Vista, when I do it comes up with “MEM_BAD_Pointer”, then “SmartHeap error
    handler re cursively re-enter”. I am not a computor wiz, please help to resolve situation.

  9. hi

    i have windows 7 can i install auctocad 14 can it will work fine

    This program don`t fix the problem with vista /autocad 14
    It DON`T WORK – I still get the message “MEM_BAD_POINTER” – I payed for this – I don`t recommend it

  11. I seem to be having the same problem with mem bad pointer as a lot of other users have. I have used R14 for years on 95 & XP and decided to upgrade to Windows 7. Now it doesnt load no matter what compatability mode I attempt, Vista being the closest to operating. Does/has anybody found a solution yet, Autodesk don’t seem to care and offer no support to users. I ask this before I decide wether to partition my 1.5 TB hard drive and reinstall windows 95 with Autocad R14 or R12 installed in the partition to use.

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