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When you try to install a printer or try to print some thing You get the following error .

Operation could not be completed. The print spooler service is not running.

Start>Run> type services.msc and click OK.

Double-click the Printer Spooler service, and then change the startup type to Automatic. This sets the Spooler service to start automatically when you restart the computer. Click OK.

Restart the computer and try to install the printer again.

If that doesn’t work, the problem could be related to corrupted printer drivers that are installed on the computer. Try uninstalling all printer software from the computer and start from scratch.

Use this Procedure to clean print drivers completely from your Vista System

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  26 Responses to “Fix for The Print Spooler Service is not running Error in Vista”

  1. This problem really needs to be fixed. Spoolers stop working sporadically throughout our organisation, causing significant disruption. I have repeatedly deleted all printer drivers and installed Vista drivers but with no end in sight. We recently upgraded to Vista machines and, if I had known how widespread this problem was, I would have gone for XP.
    Vista has been out for over a year now, surely SP1 should have knocked this on the head?

  2. i do all this, then it says:
    “Could not start the printer spool on local computer.
    Error 1068: The dependency or group failed to start.”

  3. this worked a treat for me, had tried several other fixes and nothing till this one. thanks alot!

  4. This did not fix my problem, the print spooler will not start either doing with the computer on or rebooting. Why does Microsoft not have a fix for this?

  5. Thank You !!!! after searching all other solutions. This one really work.

  6. Hi!

    Is anybody knows how to install network printer in Windows Vista as ir is giving error if I tried to install printer the add button is not working even the print spooler service is also started.
    I am getting error if I try to install as a administrator “the procedure entry point CMP_WaitnopendingInstallEvents could not be located in the dynamic link libraryCFGMGR32.dll”.

    What to do if anybody can help me I can only tell him thanks in advance.



  7. I believe in most cases this is an issue where :

    1- conflicting printer drivers need to be removed as they are old drivers for XP or watever….

    2- and in some cases these old drivers some how corrupt the spoolsv.exe file. which then needs to be replaced..

    So this appears to be (in some cases) a two step approach

    The issue Im having is finding a good way to replace the spoolsv.exe,,, if any one knows a way, please email me at oscar.m.cunha@chase.com


  8. If this does not fix the issue(spooler still wont start) Operating System reinstallation would be the last step

  9. how to start print spooler service when it is stop again and again

  10. I have had problems with the printer spooler stopping sporadically and then once restarted it stops again, very frustrating…..this had happened before and had to reinstall windows 7..then it happened again AFTER I placed my computer on hibernate by closing the lid on my computer, which makes me think there’s a connection there…anyways after MUCH searching I found something that finally got my print spooler working again…although the instructions are for vista they worked just fine for windows 7.


  11. This process deletes any printer drivers you had installed so you will have to reinstall them. Also to make sure this worked…keep an eye on the print spooler service if after closing the services window you go back to it and the spooler is still “Started” you have fixed the issue…if not you should see that the spooler is not started.

  12. This fix my problem.it works!!

  13. Thanks..that works for me..

  14. THanks a lot….

  15. Breakthrough… CLEAN OUT THE SPOOL FOLDER!!! Before you try any stuff with registry changes, new drivers or Windows FixIt you MUST MUST MUST clear out your spool folder. Especially if it has pdf’s in it. It’s under windows/system32/spool/PRINTERS or similar. I can consistently recreate and fix this problem now. Most fixes will restart the spooler, which will then immediately crash as it goes to work on pdfs….which seem to want to spool as flash files. CLEAN OUT THE SPOOL FOLDER!!! Chill brothers.

  16. Good call! This one worked for me – Thanks.

  17. Thanks a lot :)

  18. I’ve had this problem a lot with both Windows 7 (64-bit) and Window XP.

    There is only one solution that has worked for me, and it’s not going to the “Services” and starting the Print Spooler, because the Print Spooler will just stop again within seconds or minutes.

    What has worked for me (in both XP & Window 7), is to delete the contents of the following folders:




    Once I do this, I do not have to reinstall my printers. I just physically disconnect my local printer (unplugged the USB cable), wait a few seconds, and then reconnect it.

    Hope this helps. Let me know.

    If it does, spread it around.

    – Joe

  19. My Spool folder is already empty. Can’t print, tried three different brands but can’t add any printers, upgraded to Windows 7, reinstalled Windows 7, still get “Spooler not running” error. Printer works with Dell computer running XP. HP laptop is 1 1/2 yrs. old. Haven’t been able to print since January when I tried to add the working computer/printer to my wireless network.
    H E L P – please

  20. What I have found it is a corrupt user profile in users… and it is not all users on that computer… and it only happens with network printers…

  21. The Mr.Fixit program won’t run on my PC. I keep getting error OxOOOOO6be every time I try to add a printer. Running Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Thanks for help!!

  22. If this happens when you try to print PDF files, press Ctrl+P, click on “Advanced”, and click “Print as image”.

  23. Thank you, “iamwhoiam” above…

    Clearing out the windows/system32/spool/PRINTERS folder did the trick.

    Thank you SO much! I was about to toss my computer across the room. :)

  24. Oops…it was the solution by “solution found” above. My bad…

  25. Hello. I have discover another solution for those who have try all the proposed solutions with no success(just like me).
    The problem appears on a client machine(Win XP Pro SP3) which was printing on network printers of the firm.
    After trying microsoft cleaning(folders and registry), malware search, and so on. The problem was still occuring each time I try to add a printer, connect on server with printer queues, see spooler properties or just let the service running and finally crashing without any detail error.
    I have launch a debug on the spoolsv service with Windbg (“File”>”Attach to process…”) and I have seen that it was loading a temp file (47.tmp, I think it is related to pdf writer) located in the user profile (%userProfile%\locals settings\temp). This seems weird, so I move that file to another place and just as a miracle the problem was solved!
    Hope this can help someone.

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