Feb 092008

When i try to install Vista SP1 RC when the green progress bar is nearly at the end a dialogue pops up and says Error 0×80070002 and there is a circle with a X in it to the left of the writing…


- uninstall old sp1 beta or rc

- reinstall vista (insert the cd click Setup.exe (if autorun is disabled) and choose “update”)

- after the update iscomplete, install all updates via Windows Update

- install the new SP1

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  2. This error pops up when the SP1 Final is 20% complete (never installed any SP1 Beta, so nothing to uninstall!) What next?

  3. OMG That fix stated the bloody obvious reinstall vista, i’d laugh if it didnt work again when you reinstall..HAHA..but then thats the extent of microsoft help

  4. I also had exactly the problem as described and had tried to upload service pack 1 perhaps a dozen times after loading every other update possible hoping to help myself out of the problem. What worked was just reloading Vista over my existing vista followed by uploading all the updates again and finally going in and uploading the service pack again surprised at actually seeing it finish. The service pack helped fix other problems I was having with Office 2007 so there are some compatibility problems also between Office and Vista Ultimate which the service pack does fix.

  5. vista lot of error and suck

  6. Moi aussi j’ai le même problème avec vista Pack 1 cité ci-dessus. Est un problème vital? J’aimeré que Microsoft nous
    explique son importance. Merci d’avance.

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