Feb 092008

You may get the error 0×80092004 when installing over Windows Update or via standalone installer. What is the cause and what can I do to install Vista SP1 Release Candidate

This issue only affects customers who previously installed the RC Preview (Build 17042 / v658). It is caused by a component that did not completely uninstall when you uninstalled the RC Preview, especially if you tried to install over Windows Update right away. There are three stages to try to fix this issue

First, try waiting about an hour and then try again. The built-in “Trustedinstaller” service may just need to complete the uninstall process after rebooting. On slower machines this may take a bit longer. Simply waiting seems to solve the issue for the vast majority of computers.

If just waiting didn’t work, and you still get the error message, or if you want to speed up the process, try the following sequence. This will manually start the trustedinstaller service to do the cleanup.

(1) Make sure all current updates for Windows Update are installed except the Service Pack, and REBOOT to ensure your machine is in a clean state.

(2) On the start menu, select All Programs, then under Accessories, find the “Command Prompt”. Right click on “Command Prompt” in the start menu and select “Run as Administrator” and accept the UAC prompt. This creates a command prompt that has administrator privileges.

(3) Type “net stop trustedinstaller” without the quotes.

(4) Type “net start trustedinstaller” without the quotes. Make sure it starts.

(5) Wait at least :30 minutes, or an hour if you can.

Now try installing the SP from Windows Update.

If the instructions in Step 2 do not resolve the situation, you may have a situation where the recalcitrant component won’t uninstall properly. To remedy this situation, send an email to 80092004@microsoft.com requesting the “Workaround script for 80092004 after uninstalling build 17042”.

Note: You should ONLY request this script if you had previously installed build 17042 (RC Preview) and have uninstalled it, and the above steps do not help. This script will not address ANY other potential causes of the 80092004 error, or any other error code. This script is specific to fixing the 80092004 error following build 17042 uninstall. Please provide a valid email address and the script will be sent directly to you via email.

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  2 Responses to “Fix for Windows Update error 0×80092004 in Vista”

  1. I can’t install IE 9, I have the error code 80092004.

    I follosed Somme error fix (no luck), Tried to stop “Trustedinstaller” answer = not started.
    then tried to start “trustedinstaller” and get error code 5 ?

    Thanks for the follow-up.

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