Feb 292008

Vista has a new feature that lets you have multiple clocks on your machine.It can save you considerable time and embarrassment in tracking times in other locations. Consider the problem of daylight saving time. Some areas of the world have this feature, others don’t. Even those areas that use daylight saving time don’t change time on precisely the same date. Consequently, tracking time in other areas of the world isn’t always a matter of adding or subtracting the required number of hours.

To add a second or third clock to your setup, click the clock in the notification area and then click the Change Date and Time Settings link, or double-click the Date and Time applet in the Control Panel.You’ll see the Date and Time dialog box.

Select the Additional Clocks tab and you’ll see places for up to two additional clocks as shown as follows.Check Show This Clock, choose a time zone in the Select Time Zone field, and type a name for the clock in the Enter Display Name field. Click OK to make the change permanent.

You won’t see the additional clocks in the notification area. To display the additional clocks, hover the mouse over the time in the notification area and you’ll see a pop-up that contains the current date as well as the additional clocks.

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  1. Hello there
    I’m just looking for a utility for multiple anlog clocks for XP sidebar.
    Could you help me?
    Thanks in advance

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