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This tutorial will explain how to delete Printer drivers from windows 7/Vista

1. Delete the printer from control panel -> printers

2. Open Services.msc and stop and start the Print Spooler service

3. Open Print Management(Open command prompt, type in printmanagement.msc or type print management in to the start menu search box)

4. In Custom Filters -> All Drivers right click the printer driver you want to remove and select Remove Driver Package

5. Install new printer driver.

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  8 Responses to “How to delete Printer drivers from windows 7/Vista”

  1. Your post is not helpful because Windows 7 Home Premium does not have and will not run the printmanagement.msc service.

    Stopping the print spooler makes it impossible to remove the drivers. With the print spooler running, the .inf files can’t be deleted and the drivers return after reboot.

  2. Bad printer drivers are causing the Spooler service to stop. So this method doesn’t work. Is there a way through regedit or directory? I can’t delete the printers because spooler service literally stops within half a second.

  3. Home Premium has no “Print Management” functions, therefore, once you have installed a print driver, it’s likely going to be there forever.

  4. The ACTUAL Solution, finally:

    run command prompt AS ADMINISTRATOR

    > printui /s /t2

    Remove the drivers you no longer need.


  5. Thanks for your solutions!
    There is just one more problem on my pc: When I use Spyder’s method (printui /s /t2) to remove the driver, I get the message that this driver can’t be removed because parts of it are in use by Microsoft XPS Document Writer.
    What’s that supposed to mean?

  6. OK, nevermind. Solved the problem by deleting Microsoft XPS Document writer using kyoceras’s printer deleter software.
    Thanks anyway!

  7. Thanks heaps spyder it worked perfectly I did those steps after reboot again to check if my hp printer was still there and nope it wuz gone

    Thanks buddy now it just shows my cannon printer :) thanks brother peace out man

  8. Many thanks to Spyder! I have been chasing a working solution for my HP LJ 1020 (on Win 7 Home Premium) for a long time and this one finally did it!

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