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The new Aero Glass user interface (UI) will bedazzle you with spectacular graphic effects, pure and simple. You can’t point to many things that the Aero Glass user gets that the non–Aero Glass user doesn’t except a little bit of added help. It can be argued that an attractive user interface does improve user productivity in much the same way that other environmental considerations do.

Most business users will find early on that the Aero Glass UI is pretty, but not necessary. If you want to get work done quickly and with fewer resources, you really need a no-frills interface. Vista also includes a Windows Classic theme.

To disable Windows Aero Glass UI follow these steps

Right-click on any blank spot on desktop area and On the pop up right click contextual menu, and select “Personalize”.

Select “Windows Color and Appearance” option.

Disable Transparency, simply uncheck the “Enable Transparency” option.

To disable the Windows Aero theme click on the “Open classic apperance properties for more color options” link located at the bottom of Window Color and Apperance window.

In the Appearance Setting dialog box, select Windows Classic listed in the “Color Scheme” except Windows Aero and click ok

If you want to enable aero glass UI reverse these changes and select windows aero option in the last step.

Using Registry Key

Go to Start—>Run type regedit click ok

Expand and navigate to the following registry key

On the right pane, locate ColorizationColor with type as DWORD. Right click on ColorizationColor, and select Delete on the right click menu. Click on OK to confirm the deletion.

Then right click on registry value titled Composition (type DWORD) and select Modify. Change the value to 0 (by default is 1).

Restart the computer.

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