Feb 232008

By default game in vista business edition was hidden if you want to enable games in vista business edition follow this procedure

Click Start—>Click Control Panel

Now Click Programs

Click Programs and Features

Select Windows features on or off from the left column

If you get UAC prompt click on continue and Click the Checkbox next the Games click ok

Now you should see similar to the following screen

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  13 Responses to “How to enable games in Vista Business Edition”

  1. thanks you’re genius

  2. Thanks
    Good job.

  3. Thanks!

  4. Great Man!

    5 starts!


  5. Nice, but Ultimate comes with a Texas Holdem game. How do I get the ultimate games on my business machine? I have copies of both?

  6. Great !

    Thanks for the tip.

  7. That’s great.
    Really a perfect & useful tip.

  8. Thankx

  9. hey!
    in my computer it gives an error box :/ how to solve it?

  10. Super! it works!
    thnx a lot mate, now i can waste my time to study, even without internet!

  11. Worked great, even for Windows 7. Awesome solution, thanks for the help!

  12. hy all. i have ” Constantine” the game . i mount it, instal, copy crack, but he doesn’t work,,,,,,,,, maybe cuz i have vista bussiness? can anybody tell me?

  13. Thnx man. It really helps.

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