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The Administration Tools Pack allows administrators to install the Windows Server 2003 management tools onto a computer running Windows XP Professional or a Windows Server 2003 family operating system to perform remote server management functions. This is the final version (build 5.2.3790.1830) of the adminpak.msi file. You must uninstall all previous versions of the Administration Tools Pack before installing this version.

First you need to download Win server 2003 admin tools from here and install.

After you install the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack on a Windows Vista-based computer, the Windows Server 2003 management tools are unavailable. Additionally, you may experience either of the following problems

• You receive the following error message

MMC could not create the snap-in

• Shortcuts for the Windows Server 2003 management tools are not created on the Start menu.

Microsoft Management Console (MMC) could not create the snap-in

This issue occurs because the Administration Tools Pack is not installed by a user who has administrative user rights. New security enhancements in Windows Vista require elevated user rights when a .dll file is registered. Therefore, Windows Vista security enhancements require that certain snap-ins are installed only by a user who has local administrative user rights.

To fix MMC could not create the snap-in error follow this procedure

paste the following commands into a command prompt or batch file running with elevated privileges (right click and “Run as Administrator”)

regsvr32 /s adprop.dll

regsvr32 /s azroles.dll

regsvr32 /s azroleui.dll

regsvr32 /s ccfg95.dll

regsvr32 /s certadm.dll

regsvr32 /s certmmc.dll

regsvr32 /s certpdef.dll

regsvr32 /s certtmpl.dll

regsvr32 /s certxds.dll

regsvr32 /s cladmwiz.dll

regsvr32 /s clcfgsrv.dll

regsvr32 /s clnetrex.dll

regsvr32 /s cluadmex.dll

regsvr32 /s cluadmmc.dll

regsvr32 /s cmproxy.dll

regsvr32 /s cmroute.dll

regsvr32 /s cmutoa.dll

regsvr32 /s cnet16.dll

regsvr32 /s debugex.dll

regsvr32 /s dfscore.dll

regsvr32 /s dfsgui.dll

regsvr32 /s dhcpsnap.dll

regsvr32 /s dnsmgr.dll

regsvr32 /s domadmin.dll

regsvr32 /s dsadmin.dll

regsvr32 /s dsuiwiz.dll

regsvr32 /s imadmui.dll

regsvr32 /s lrwizdll.dll

regsvr32 /s mprsnap.dll

regsvr32 /s msclus.dll

regsvr32 /s mstsmhst.dll

regsvr32 /s mstsmmc.dll

regsvr32 /s nntpadm.dll

regsvr32 /s nntpapi.dll

regsvr32 /s nntpsnap.dll

regsvr32 /s ntdsbsrv.dll

regsvr32 /s ntfrsapi.dll

regsvr32 /s rasuser.dll

regsvr32 /s rigpsnap.dll

regsvr32 /s rsadmin.dll

regsvr32 /s rscommon.dll

regsvr32 /s rsconn.dll

regsvr32 /s rsengps.dll

regsvr32 /s rsjob.dll

regsvr32 /s rsservps.dll

regsvr32 /s rsshell.dll

regsvr32 /s rssubps.dll

regsvr32 /s rtrfiltr.dll

regsvr32 /s schmmgmt.dll

regsvr32 /s tapisnap.dll

regsvr32 /s tsuserex.dll

regsvr32 /s uddi.mmc.dll

regsvr32 /s vsstskex.dll

regsvr32 /s w95inf16.dll

regsvr32 /s w95inf32.dll

regsvr32 /s winsevnt.dll

regsvr32 /s winsmon.dll

regsvr32 /s winsrpc.dll

regsvr32 /s winssnap.dll

regsvr32 /s ws03res.dll

The Windows Server 2003 management tools shortcuts are not created in the Start menu

This issue occurs because the Administration Tools Pack is installed on a different account than the current account.

To fix this error follow this procedure

On an account that is a member of the local Administrator group, install the Administration Tools Pack.

• Start the Windows Server 2003 management tools from Start menu, click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Command Prompt.

At the command prompt, type the command of the tool that you want to run, and then press ENTER.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type your password, or click Continue.

• Add the tools that you want by using MMC.

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  1. So is there a way to install the Exchange tools once the admin pack is installed?

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