Mar 292008

For some reason you have disable the volume mixer from taskbar use the following procedure to restore this icon.

First you need to right click on Taskbar select properties

The Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window will show up on your screen. Here click on Notification Area tab. In the System icons section check the Volume box and click on OK.

Now The Volume Mixer icon will now show up in the notification area of your taskbar.

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  60 Responses to “How to Put the Volume Mixer icon back on your taskbar in Vista”

  1. Hi! I wanted to put the volume mixer icon back on the taskbar but I cannot click on “Volume”.

    I would appreciate the help. Thanks

  2. i want to no how to the volume back the way it was before

  3. When i do what u suggest about volume contol i can’t put a check in the box any suggestions?

  4. Same here, I wanted to put the volume mixer icon back but I cant put a check in the box. Please Help Me.

  5. For me also. The volume box is gray and unclickable.

  6. I will appreciate if anybody can explain me , how to put back my volume and Icon, because now my windows 2000 doen’t have any audio at all, I did tryiing everything I can , but no luck, ther’s no speaker icon or sound,please help me to get my volume back, in return of good faith I can give you feww sites where you can get free movies( I mean theathers movies,the one in fresh !!!) honest, no games , but I need your help, I think my laptop doesnt have anything to put the volume back , I must did something very bad, so will someone will help me out,,, the movies net , i am giving it in good faith and for your kindness, thank you guys,,your friend,,,, georgie..n.y.

  7. volume ICON: I tried to click the volume icon as instructed above (r-click the start button in vista–> properties–>notification area–>system icon–> click volume, BUT MY VOLUME is grayed out..the only button I can click is the clock!!! why is that and how do i fix it so I can get my volume control back?


  8. i tried the follow the steps give above, but the volume icon is grayed and i can not click it. please help me with this matter. how could i put back the volume control icon>


  9. I followed the directions ..right click on task on properties…click on notification..and can’t click on volume? Can anyone help? Thanks

  10. I tried this and I cannot turn on the notifications for power or volume. Any advice?

  11. i tried all the suggestion u give but still i can’t put a check on it,.any s advice?

  12. For Vista, try to end the explorer process and restart explorer.exe in the Task Manager.

    Go to task manager and then to Processes. Find explorer.exe. Click and end process. Then click on the Applications tab and at the lower right area, click on New Task. Type in explorer.exe. That should completly reset the notification area and your icons should all come back.

  13. perfect for vista to put the volume button back in the taskbar,,thanks

  14. explorer.exe. worked for vista for me to, to put the volume icon back in the taskbar. Thanks.

  15. ok .. am having the same problem as every 1 in here … please help .. when i do all these steps / the volume button is like al grey and unclickable please help me out

  16. great advice, restarting explorer is a life saver lol

  17. Big Thank you to TOTO…………….

    Solution worked for me.

    Both icons for volume and network have now been returned
    to notification area.

  18. OMG restarting exporer.exe is the solution, big thanks to you

  19. Thank you so much! It’s the only thing that worked for me!

  20. AHH TOTO thank you soo much!

  21. After fumbling around on windows’ and other sites, I found your instructions which are clear, concise, and accurate! Thank you for making it simple.

  22. I really appreciate the post TOTO for the disable and enable of explorer.exe it restored both my network and volume icons but the power icon is still blurred out under the properties menu for the navigation taskbar. Is there something else that needs to be done or do i just need to do the same thing again and again until it works?

  23. just did it a second time and it worked great. sorry for that last post and thanks again. great work TOTO

  24. Thanx Toto. you tip worked a treat

  25. Thanks, May from 6/24/2009.
    Great tactic!

  26. Resetting explorer.exe worked!!! Thanks so much, you’re a genius!!!

  27. Wonderful job in educating on how to get your volume control back. I searched all over the web with no one able to help except you. It worked but the curiosity in me wants to know why this has to be done :-) Anyone know?

  28. volum icon not highlited

  29. thx toto, i appreciate it!

  30. just wanted to say a big thank u to toto, i have spent the last hour trying to work out how to get the volume back there, took me about 30 seconds when following your advice! cheers mate!

  31. unable to check the box as it is grayed out. what do i do from this point?

  32. That explorer.exe….IT WORKED!!! Thank You Soooo Much

  33. Thanks TOTO. I have tried for 3 hours. Your method took 30 seconds.

  34. Thanks Toto..will keep that in mind to help others next time.


  36. Thank you! I can hear my videos again!!

  37. Ahhh! I would’ve never figured this out.
    The explorer.exe thing worked. Thank ya :)

  38. TOTO you are awesome…easiest way to retrieve it thanx

  39. Wow Toto your a life saver. Thanks.

  40. Thank U Toto!

  41. FOR EVERYONE WTIH THE GREYED OUT THING ON VISTA. EXPLORER ONE WORKS LIKE A CHARM. gotta love tech forums man… how do ppl figure these things out.

    to find solution press ctrl + f and type in TOTO to find his post.

  42. im having the same problem with the volume control and everyone keeps saying to do the explorer.exe thing…what is that???

    can someone give me detailed, step by step instructions on what to do?
    i tried to google it but couldnt really figure out what to do



  44. TOTO……..I COULD KISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS
    How annoying was that lol

  45. Toto you are the major stuff! Big ups to you, thanks so very much!

  46. This was so simple. Thanks for the task bar explorer.exe advice. I spent a couple of hours and you fixed me in three seconds.!

  47. Oh my word. This must be one of the most irritating things that has ever happened to me. Tha nk you so much to whoever posted the solution. Many thanks.

  48. Thank you SO SO much for that! Ending explorer.exe worked for me, too! :D

  49. The end Explorer.exe in task manager and re-running it helped for me. Friggin Bill Gates.

  50. Thank You, toto, your advise helped a lot!

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