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If you want to remove Sync Center Icon from system tray in vista follow this procedure

Open ‘Control Panel’ (Classic View);

Open ‘Taskbar and Start Menu’;

Click ‘Notification Area’ tab at top;

At the top of this window, be sure “Hide Inactive Icons” is checked, then select “Customize…” to the right of this check box;

Under ‘Current Items’, select “Sync Center”, the click the drop-down and select “Hide”

Click “OK” – “Apply” – “OK”

Then close Control Panel.

That’s it now you can’t see Sync Center Icon from system tray.

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  1. That doesn’t kill the process…just hides it. Answer the question, how do you kill it.

  2. Hi all. I think I figured it out. Do the following:

    Under vista:

    Open control Panel.

    Click on Network and Internet

    Click on Offlie Files

    Under the general tab – Click the button that says Disbable offline files.

    Then reboot. The green arrow icon should be gone.

    I hope it works for you

  3. Nice one Koolman007! Your comment solved it for me, too. Microsoft help actually says, “this cannot be disabled” too, hehe!

    While it’s true for some versions of Vista that you can disable Offline files through the Network and Internet plugin… some versions of Vista do not have this plugin, instead, it’s called Network and Sharing… and it’s not the same plugin at all. On newer Service Packs and some alternate versions of Vista, you must look in Control Panel for the Offline Files plugin, it’s an icon of a folder with a miniature sync center icon on it. Open that plugin and disable offline files from there. You will have to restart the PC before it takes affect. No disrespect “Smarter than You”, your answer was right, but there was another answer for another version. Thanks all.

  5. For versions of Vista without the Offline Files plugin (Home Basic or Home Premium), Sync Center can be disabled via the registry as follows.

    1 Go to Start/Run and type ‘regedit’. Hit the Enter key or click OK.

    2 In the left hand registry editor window (the tree view) go to the following registry address…


    In there you should see a branch called…


    3 Right-click on the branch and select Delete from the context menu.

    4 Look in your system tray. The icon should be gone.

  6. awesome man!!1… you are THE man!… i couldnt get rid of that annoying sync center for months and both methods before your post didnt help at all cause there was no such option as “disable offline files”.

    Thanx Again!

  7. The method suggested by Mack Powell works beautifully. Thanks man!!!

    Just wanted to add that there is no need to restart the computer if you dont want to.

    You can go to services.msc and stop the running service for “Offline Files”. Then open task manager and kill “explorer.exe”, Restart “explorer.exe” by clicking on File>>Run in task manager.

    You should be all set now :)

  8. Thx Mack Powell, you are the MAN !!!

  9. A simpler way to get rid of the icon in the system tray might be to open sync center and delete any partnerships that you either intentionally or accidentally set up. For some reason, I occasionally set up a partnership without realizing I’m doing it when I pop a flash drive into my machine. The system tray icon then persists until I delete the partnership.

  10. In windows XP click to open START => Settings => Task Bar & Start Menu when open under the TASKBAR Tab at the bottom check the hide inactive icons and then click on customize button when opened under current items you will see “Offline files- offline files changes not syncronized” next to that there will be drop down menu and select ALWAYS HIDE and click apply and OK … its done :)

  11. Mack Powell solutiion worked… thanks Mack!!

  12. The origional post about hiding the notification icon was so stupid and pointless. Sticking a bandaid on the monitor so it covers the sync center icon would remove it too, but it does jack sh*t for solving the real problem.

    Thank you everyone for working out this issue in the comments and actually making something useful from a totally retarded and useless blog post. Special thanks to Mack for posting a real working solution to the problem!

  13. for me it was uninstalled along with Windows Mobile Device Center. When I went to uninstall that which I no longer use either it said Windows Mobile Device Center and Sync Center need to be closed first and gave two options: 1) Automatically close them and restart after, 2) leave them open (which it said requires a reboot). I chose option 1, it closed them uninstalled them and the Sync Center never came back on, disappeared from the system tray.
    The option of hiding unused icons from the system tray is a bad idea, rarely used icons go away and are extremely difficult to recover for pros, virtually impossible for anyone else.

  14. Ctrl+f Mack Powell, His answer works tired of looking at that green swirly.

  15. Monday 919 – simple but completely effective ! Thanks.

  16. Thank you for this, I too am tired of looking at the green thing and green is my favorite color, LOL>

  17. gr8 mark !!!!

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