Feb 102008

When your computer is operating unstably , such as programs constantly crashing or it is running slower than usual, it often becomes necessary to restart windows by rebooting the system. This usually helps to correct the problem.

How long does your computer take to boot up after a restart Probably too long. In this guide we will learn a simple way to avoid unnecessary processing and to save you time.

For Windows Vista Users

Click Start and click on the padlock button. Now hold down SHIFT key while clicking on the Restart choice.

For Windows XP Users

Click Start and Select Shut Down. Now hold down SHIFT key while clicking on the Restart button.

For Windows 98/95 Users

Click the “Start” Button
Select “Shutdown” from the menu
Select “Restart” from the list of options
Hold down the “Shift Key” and click the “OK” button

The screen should turn black, then you should see “Windows is now restarting” at the top of your screen.

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  4 Responses to “How to Restart Windows(Vista/XP/98/95) without Rebooting Your Computer”

  1. Didn’t work for me. I’m using XP. Didn’t mean to rhyme.

  2. This is wrong. You cannot do this with Windows XP or any of the NT based systems. The last OS it worked on was Windows 98, because it had the ability to exit the OS and drop to MS-DOS.

  3. Successful troll just wasted 3 minutes of your time.

  4. Does NOT work in WIndows XP sp3
    When holding Shift key, clicking the Restart does nothing.


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