Feb 262008

You can send a message to another user logged on to this computer. Because the other user can’t be using the computer at the same time as you, this feature isn’t useful for real-time communication—it’s not exactly instant messaging—but it can be useful some times.

To send a message to another user, follow these steps

Right-click the Taskbar and choose Task Manager from the context menu to display Windows Task Manager.

Click the Users tab.Select the user you want to message and click Send Message. Windows displays the Send Message dialog box .

Enter the message title in the Message Title text box and the message in the Message text box.

To start a new line, press Ctrl+Enter.
To type a tab, press Ctrl+Tab.

Click the OK button to send the message.

The next time the user logs on to Windows, they receive the message as a screen pop-up.

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