May 072009

how are you guys

i have problem i wanna to stop service by batch file because i need this to stop service oracle database automaticly by batch file

if you know oracle daatabase in task manager take 256mb form usage and make my pc work slowly i stop it manually

but i need batch file to stop this service and another one to run i used oracle 10g

thank you

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  1. Use the following batch file

    REM This batch file is used to start/stop the oracle instance
    REM Simply invoke oracle.bat start/stop

    @ECHO off

    REM ******************************************************************
    REM ** Batch file used to stop/start oracle services
    REM ******************************************************************

    if(%1)==(start) GOTO START
    if(%1)==(stop) GOTO STOP

    echo Invalid use. Usage is oracle.bat stop/start


    REM ** START the oracle services

    echo Starting Oracle Services

    REM change the instance/listener names to match what is in your services list

    NET START “OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener”
    NET START “Oracle INNOVATEST VSS Writer Service”
    NET START “OracleDBConsoleInnovaTest”
    NET START “OracleJobSchedulerINNOVATEST”

    echo Oracle Services Started



    echo Stopping Oracle Services

    REM change the instance/listener names to match what is in your services list

    NET STOP “Oracle INNOVATEST VSS Writer Service”
    NET STOP “OracleDBConsoleInnovaTest”
    NET STOP “OracleJobSchedulerINNOVATEST”
    NET STOP “OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener”
    NET STOP “OracleServiceINNOVATEST”

    echo Oracle Services Stopped



  2. Beautiful!!! I saw this and now I can stop/start other services also with this information. Thanks mr.admin!

  3. Will this batch file work in Windows XP? I have some problems regarding the file. In my computer, it does not work!
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Guys, I’m a bit of a novice and not sure where to run this batch file, is it at the Command prompt?

  5. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hello

    Where can I fin those names of oracle services that need to be stopped? Are those specific for an oracle version or for operating system?


  7. Hey everyone, if you need specific service names, just go to the task manager and if you have vista/7 and find the oracle services…the ones you are looking at are the ones that are set to start up Automatically, I have been messing around with 11g and found this, but none of my services were named this so I managed that. I assume most of you are messing with Oracle on your home computer or a small business so maybe adding another OS just for oracle might be an alternative.

  8. thx all of u so much..

  9. can u help me Pls
    why ?windows7 print spooler all time stop services

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