Feb 202008

If you want to create your own font or maybe just a special character in windows vista/xp using a hidden Windows XP/Vista tool called the Private Character Editor.

Follow this procedure to create this

start–>run type eudcedit click OK.

When the Private Character Editor launches, you’ll see the Select Code dialog box Click OK.

A user interface that looks and works very much like Paint will appear. From this, you may use standard tools to create your characters.There is a toolbar on the left with some basic tools. Shown in the figure is the “pencil” used for freehand drawing.

In addition to the toolbar, there is a “Tools” menu.

Create your new character

When you finish your new character, select the Save Character command on the Edit menu.

Once you save your new character, you can access it using the Character Map tool.

Procedure to access your new character using the Character Map tool

start–>run type charmap click OK.

When the Character Map appears, select the Font drop-down list and select All Fonts (Private Characters).

Select your character, click the Select button, and then click the Copy button.

You can now paste your font character in any document that you want like official documents,presentations,email signatures

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  10 Responses to “How to use private character editor (eudcedit) in Vista/XP”

  1. What about creating my own font… How about that, there are some confusions in this UI !

  2. Just discovered the Private Character Editor. Great fun, but you can’t use your new characters or home-made”wingdings” in a document you send to anyone else. So how can you send the new font codes to someone so they can load and use them? Otherwise you are restricted to printing out and mailing any document using these new characters. Which is a shame.

  3. I followed the instructions but it didn’t save to the private character map. And how do you delete the character you have chosen previously?

  4. I have spend almost half an hour to creat this ?…..then no one can see =.=


  5. pls give information about more. i dont create my own charter.

  6. how to use in new charter in word.

  7. How to insert the character using direct keyboard shortcut.

  8. @ Graeme Ogg, RUSHABH, and Bin

    In order to paste your codes into a text editor, like word, and send them to your friends, you have to go into charmap (mentioned above) double click your character, and hit the copy button at the bottom. Then you can paste it into and word processor you want, including email.

    @ barbara ward

    If your character didn’t save, then you most likely didn’t click the save character button.

    Yay for answering year-old posts that the writer cant answer!

  9. How to Uninstall Private Character Editor?

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