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If you want to use your dual monitors when you connected through remote desktop


  • First you need to download and install Remote Desktop Connection client (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 products from here

Note:- For Vista Users no need to install RDP client it will come with this

  • Equal resolution monitors
  • Total resolution of all monitors not exceeding 4096 x 2048
  • Top-left monitor being the primary
  • Check Equal resolution monitors

Make sure both your monitors are using the same resolution and are oriented horizontally. Right click on the desktop. Click Properties.In the Display Properties tab, make sure the monitors have the same resolution and are oriented horizontally. If not, adjust your monitor resolution and position so they are.


Check your Remote Desktop client Version

Check if you have the right version of Remote Desktop Connection client. You need at least version 6.0

In the Start Menu > Run… dialog, type “mstsc” and hit enter.


Once it opens you should see similar to the following screen


Click the monitor icon in the top-left corner of this dialog, and choose the “About” menu



Connect to remote computer in 'span mode'

To have the Remote Desktop connection client use both your monitors, you need to start it in “span” mode.
Open Start Menu, click Run. Then type in mstsc /span and hit Enter or Click OK



The Remote session should open up and cover both your monitors.

If you know the resolution you want for the virtual desktop (great for when you wish to have a less-than-full screen window span monitors), you can now state explicitly the dimensions you desire:

mstsc /w:2048 /h:768 /v:”server”

The above example would create a full screen spanned virtual desktop on two 1024×768 resolution displays.

Or, if preferred, the Remote Desktop Connection client can figure out the size automatically (great for full screen view):

mstsc /span /v:”server”

The above example would create a full screen spanned virtual desktop to match the rectangle size of your dual displays.


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  4 Responses to “How to Use Remote Desktop with Dual Monitors in XP/Vista”

  1. Hi, the “span” option worked, but how do I make it really dual, with 2 different screens? the “Multimon” option, doesn’t seem to work.

  2. thanks! nice tweak n works even in xp. now avble in win 7 ultimate and ent. eat this suckers. lol

  3. I have the ‘span’ option working, but how do I make it dual with 2 different screens?

    • You can’t make this work like two separate monitors unless you have a Windows 7 Ultimate / Enterprise or Server 2008 box the server. The best you can do is span monitors with older versions.

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