Mar 082008

Microsoft has greatly simplified the Sound Recorder for Vista and you’ll find that it can’t do nearly as much as it used to do. You start the Sound Recorder by choosing Start—>All Programs—>Accessories—>Sound Recorder.

To start recording, click Start Recording. The Sound Recorder continues recording until you click Stop Recording. When you press Stop Recording, Sound Recorder displays a Save As dialog box where you enter the information to save your recording. You only have one choice of format,Windows Media Audio File (*.wma).

If you want to resume your recording later, click Cancel when you see the Save As dialog box. The button caption changes to Resume Recording. When you click it again, the recording will resume. As normal, click Stop Recording to stop the recording and display the Save As dialog box.

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  4 Responses to “Recording Audio Files with Sound Recorder in Vista”

  1. Don’t suppose you can recommend a decent sound recorder to replace this one. It’s not so much for the recording of files as it is increasing the volume (amplitude?) of audio files as you used to be able to do in the old sound recorder. Was highly disappointed to learn that Vista couldn’t offer me this feature.

  2. Sound recorder is a prime example of the horrendous dumbing down in Vista.

    Microsoft seem to be aiming at the type of user who panics at the slightest hint of compexity, and as a result we all end up wth the lowest common denominator.

    Try using stepvoice recorder – it has everything the old recorder had and will write direct to Mp3

  3. Vista sound recorder completely useless in most cases. It could not record in loopback mode, like “Stereo Mix” in Windows XP. Here is a good alternative for Windows Vista and Windows 7: i-Sound Recorder

  4. Yep. Windows 98 was the simplest OS to use. With XP, Vista and Windows 7, they just made everything hard to navigate through the PC. They tried to make simple, they just screwed everything up. I have XP looking like Win98 and do just fine. The Sound Recorder they just messed up completely. I am going reformat Windows 7 OS and try to load my XP disk on it. All they did with these newer versions of Windows was to make the icons very cute…

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