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I have a hundred pictures and I want to rename them in vista how i do this.If you want to rename group of files in vista follow this procedure

First select a group of files you want to rename.

Press F2 (Rename), and type a new name. The files are all renamed using that name, but each file after the first has a number added a la (1), (2), etc.

If you want to undo rename file follow this

Click Edit—>Undo Rename. The file are restored to their original names.

If you Click Edit—>Redo Rename. All but one of the files disappear – they are permanently gone. So be carefull while doing this.

This is not a bug for the following situation

I have a hundred pictures and I want to rename them with the same name with
1-2-3 and so on.

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  1. I have encountered a recurring problem when renaming a series of photos in Windows Vista.

    I select the photos I want to rename, right click ‘rename’ and type in the name giving the first photo in the series the new name followed by (1), and hit enter. When the window refreshes itself, I find that the first photo in the series which I renamed (1) has become (2), and the last photo in the series has become (1). The order remains the same, but if there are 5 photos in the series, for example, they end up being renamed (2), (3), (4), (5), (1), instead of (1), (2), (3), (4), (5).

    Why is this and how do I fix it?

  2. Basically Vista is an absolutely terrible piece of software and Microsoft have obviously given no thought to develop this software properly. Advice: Wipe PC of this disgusting software!!!

  3. I had the same problem, but found a trick ;)
    I drag the first file which I want to become (1) to the end of the sequence and then when I rename the files I assign (1) to the second file which is now at the first position.

    Now Vista makes the same mistake in renaming it (2), (3), (4), (5), (1), but this time this is exactly what I want ;)

  4. It’s actually far worse than that. I like my files to be names in order of the date taken. Try this little trick — order by date taken, then highlight that list and try to rename the series from 1 to xxx. It names all the files in some nonsensical RANDOM order.


  5. VISTA is driving me crazy!!!!! HOW on earth could any business create such a piece of cr*p software, unless MICROSNOT is being deliberately DEMONIC and delights in tormenting & torturing its end-users?

  6. Yes, this is one of the few things that causes trouble for me. They really did drop the ball on this feature in Vista.

    I don’t know why they use the parenthesis either. But I am beginning to think it has to do with the ascending number ordering, meaning there is no need for zeros, not sure. Image all the annoying zeros if you have 100,000 files.

    So I turned to relying on a rename feature of a photo-editor named XnView but I found another batch photo editor named Photoscape that has much better qualities.

    Here is something you can test; after you select the files. If you use “right click” or “context-menu”, then you need to have your mouse on the uppermost file highlighted when you select “rename” if you want to numbers to change from the top down. Stated another way; the numbering will start from where you mouse happens to be if you “right-click”. Instead of the “context menu” use the “F2″ key and this won’t be a problem.

    As most people probably mouse window from the top-down and start to rename with the mouse on the last or bottom-most file; that would explain why the last file ends up on top; the auto-alphabetizer puts it there.

  7. I was struggling with the rename feature in Vista. In an effort to rename 300 pictures and ending up with random orders 2 times, I almost gave up. My last attempt resulted in complete loss of 299 pictures in that file. It appears from the suggestion at the top that I must have clicked edit- redo, but here’s the unbelievable part. They didn’t even go in to the recycle basket. It completely disappeared from the computer period!!! Imagine how many hours I spent to download my pictures from various sources and put them into the right order. Man, I am speechless. Why is there not a patch for this xxxxxx problem!?

  8. karo’s solution above works for me. I just don’t understand why do we have to get around to assist the computer to do its job. Bill Gate is a dork.

  9. Hi, I have a new Dell w/ XP SP3. Anyhow, Windows has been taking over and screwing things up when I rename files. The scenario is when I copy a group of files to a folder and I begin to manually rename them, by choice and my preference. Windows takes the group of just copied files and assumes they are a sequence… even though the names were totally unique. There was no F2 Key involved on my part – In this case the files were maps named after locations, and to organize for the web directory – I wanted to add “map” to the beginning of the name. After 2 times all the maps are named ie.. mapLosAngeles(1)… (13) This is really screwy and scarey and irresponsible and really ticks me off. Does anyone know of a way I can turn off auto-renaming in Windows? At least Graphics programs that are familiar w/ auto-sequencing have the decency to ASK if this is what you want to do! (I was only able to undo about 9 of the files)

  10. I’ve had the same problem as “sad loss,” only a little different. When I rename say 100 photos its deleting about half of them. IE: instead of having 1,2,3,4,5,… it’s only leaving 2,6,11,15,… Sadly, I didn’t notice the first time until I went back to the file later, when it happened the 2nd and 3rd times I’ve been careful to check and “UNDO.” If anyone has any fixes to this, the tip would be much appreciated – aside from just using the household Mac, I’d like to keep some pics on my laptop.

  11. Here’s what worked for me:

    If you have 10 pictures you want to rename 1) highlight all of them 2) press F2 3) type in the first picture’s name as (01) 4) press Enter.

    If you have 100 pictures you want to rename, 1) highlight all of them 2) press F2 3) type in the first picture’s name as [insert you name here] (001) 4) press Enter.

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