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If you accidentally deleted the Show Desktop icon from his quick launch toolbar no problem use the following procedure to restore the show desktop icon. This useful little icon minimizes all open windows so you can get to your desktop quickly.

To restore the scirpt and icon follow this procedure

Solution 1

Click Start, point to All Programs, Accessories, and click Note pad.


Now save the file in the following


Launchand with the name Show Destop.scf

Note: The %UserProfile% is a variable that designates where the users profile resides. For most this will be C:\Users\username but if you want to know for sure go to a command prompt and use the set userprofile command which will return the correct path.

Solution 2

open up explorer and then type in the following into the address bar:

shell:Quick Launch

Now just unzip the file and copy it into the folder, and you’ll have the show desktop shortcut back (the one with the real icon)

Download Showdesktop Icon

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  16 Responses to “Restore Show Desktop Icon to the Quick Launch toolbar in Vista”

  1. When I go to location:%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\InternetExplorer\Quick
    Launchand with the name Show Destop.scf
    I get as far as windows but there is no internet explorer folder. I accidentally deleted internet explorer the other day but I think I was able to recover it (searched online and found a way to recover the icon to my desktop and it worked). I also tried the second way with just putting shell:Quick Launch in explorer but it keeps telling me that windows cannot find it. I can’t get anything to go to quick launch right now…please help

  2. i cannot find my quicklaunch arrows on my vista system tray. if i rightclick on the system tray and go to toolbar and select quicklaunch the icon wont select and as such i cant find the quicklaunch i don’t know how it got disappeared really need a help.

  3. The second option worked great and was so easy. Thanks!

  4. Wow, yeah, the second option is much easier and better. Thanks!

  5. Just THANK YOU, nothing else!

  6. Much easier to just copy the Show Destkop link from some other user on the same machine.

    Drag onto your desktop, then drag into quick launch. :)

  7. Second options took me 20 sec to complete and worked perfectly. Thx much!

  8. The second solution worked great and was very quick. Thanks a lot!

  9. Solution two works great…thank you so much! I spent like 15 minutes trying to figure it out beforehand!!!

  10. Ha! that script brings back the old XP desktop icon. Cool hell happy, ive missed that icon. Thanks

  11. …oh..but, u forgot to put the letter “k” in the file name. Spelt desktop incorrectly, Thanks but. Great work

  12. thank you so much.

    spent ages trying to fix this and searching for solutions on the web that worked.

    cant believe such a common problem that seems like it should be so simple to fix can be such a ball ache!

  13. thanks buddy it really helped….

  14. on windows 7
    On a vacuum of the Desktop, click-right, to select New, then Shortened In the place of the element, to copy to stick %SystemRoot% \explorer.exe %APPDATA% \Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Shows Desktop.lnk may click on Following to Type Desktop for the name of the shortcut and to click Finish click-right on the new icon Desktop and to select Properties In the Shortened tab, to click to Change icon In the frame to Look for icons in this file, to copy to stick %SystemRoot% \system32\imageres.dll and to click on OK.
    To select the icon of it Desktop and to validate by OK In the Properties, the new icon appears. To click to Apply The new shortcut Desktop is created.
    Of a click-right on this shortcut , to click to Pin in the Taskbar and we can position it where you want

  15. on Win 7 & Server 2008 “show desktop” is now located on far right corner of your screen to the right of the taskbar – no need to recreate unless you insist it be on the left. on my win 7 box it looks like a clear box (i didn’t know what it did until i accidental hovered over it – try clicking\hovering on it…..on my server 2k8 r2 box, its the good old “show desktop” icon we all know and love!

  16. Fantastic – solution 2 worked instantly, thanks million :)

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