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Create a Desktop shortcut to Switch User Accounts in Vista

If you browse in C:\Windows\System32\ folder, you will come across and .exe file named as tsdiscon.exe. This is the Session Discontinuation Utility. This process disconnects the current session, and can be used to create a shortcut to switch users in a click.

To do so, Rt click on desktop > New > Shortcut > Type


Click Next > Name it ‘Switch Users’ > Finish

Give it a suitable icon.

Create A Handy Shortcut To Disable or Enable Vista Firewall

If you need to disable or enable the Windows Vista Firewall frequently, you may want to create its shortcut on your desktop instead of going all the way through the Control Panel. You may find this esp handy if you find the firewall obstructing any of your task or while playing games. You can create it shortcut as follows:

Rt click on desktop > New > Shortcut > Type

netsh firewall set opmode disable

Click Next > Name it ‘Disable Firewall’ > Finish. Give it a suitable icon.

To Enable the Firewall enter the following command

netsh firewall set opmode enable

and name it Enable Firewall.

On clicking on both, a black box will appear and then disappear with the letters OK in it. You may have to Run it as Administrator.

Create Desktop Shortcut To Clear Windows Vista Memory in one click

Windows Vista Memory Management is excellent in my opinion ! But, if you are an intensive user and if you feel that your computer is beginning to run a little slow after working for quite some time, here is a shortcut you can create on your desktop to reduce resource usage and or remove idle processes.

Right click on desktop > New > Shortcut > Type

%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks

Click Next > Name it ‘Clear Memory’ Finish. Give it a suitable icon.

Howto Lock your Computer in a click

You may create a shortcut on your desktop for locking down and securing your computer,
Rt-click on desktop > New > Shortcut.

In Location box, type

%windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Click Next. Give a name box type a name for the shortcut eg Lock Computer. Click Finish. Then select an appropriate icon for it.

Howto Show Your Name In Vista’s Taskbar

You can customize the alphabets appearing after the time numerals in the taskbar. Put your name if you wish ! Click Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Customize Button > Time tab. Here, change both the AM and PM letters to any name you wish. Click Apply > OK.

You can always reset the settings to default, by simply clicking on the reset button or by changing it back manually to AM and PM.

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