Feb 242008

Vista provides a number of keyboard combinations for the Winkey,the key (or keys) with the Windows logo on the keyboard. If you’re comfortable leaving your hands
on the keyboard, these combinations are doubly convenient, because not only can you avoid reaching for the mouse but you can also display with a single keystroke a number of windows and dialog boxes that lie several commands deep in the Windows interface.

  • Winkey – Toggles the display of the Start menu
  • Winkey+Break – Displays the System Properties dialog box
  • Winkey+Tab – Moves the focus to the next button in the Taskbar
  • Winkey+Shift+Tab – Moves the focus to the previous button in the Taskbar
  • Winkey+B – Moves the focus to the notification area
  • Winkey+D – Displays the Desktop
  • Winkey+E – Opens an Explorer window showing Computer
  • Winkey+F – Opens a Search Results window and activates Search Companion
  • Winkey+Ctrl+F – Opens a Search Results window, activates Search Companion, and starts a Search for Computer
  • Winkey+F1 – Opens a Windows Help and Support window
  • Winkey+M – Issues a Minimize All Windows command
  • Winkey+Shift+M – Issues an Undo Minimize All command
  • Winkey+R – Displays the Run dialog box
  • Winkey+U – Displays Utility Manager
  • Winkey+L – Locks the computer

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