Mar 142008

With keyboard shortcuts, you can perform many Windows Mail tasks and navigate without using a mouse. Except where indicated, shortcuts apply to both e?mail and newsgroups.

Main window, view message window, and send message window

  • F1 – Open Help topics
  • CTRL+A – Select all messages or text within a message

Main window

  • CTRL+O or ENTER – Open a selected message
  • CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+Q – Mark a message as read
  • TAB – Move between the message list, Folders list (if on), and Preview pane
  • CTRL+W – Go to a newsgroup
  • LEFT ARROW or PLUS SIGN (+) – Expand a newsgroup conversation (show all responses)
  • RIGHT ARROW or MINUS SIGN (-) – Collapse a newsgroup conversation (hide responses)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+A – Mark all newsgroup messages as read
  • CTRL+J – Go to the next unread newsgroup or folder
  • CTRL+SHIFT+M – Download newsgroup messages for offline reading
  • CTRL+I – Go to your Inbox
  • CTRL+Y – Go to a folder
  • F5 – Refresh newsgroup messages and headers

Message window—viewing or sending

  • ESC – Close a message
  • F3 or CTRL+SHIFT+F – Find text

Message window—sending only

  • F7 – Check spelling
  • CTRL+SHIFT+S – Insert a signature
  • CTRL+ENTER or ALT+S – Send a message or post it to a newsgroup
  • CTRL+TAB – Switch between the Edit, Source, and Preview tabs when working in Source Edit view

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  1. Hello I’m new here
    And it looks like a good forum, so just wanted to say hello! :):):)
    And looking forward to participating.
    Going on vacation for a few days, so i’ll be back

  2. Greetings I’m new here
    And it looks like a great forum, so just wanted to say hello! :):):)
    And looking forward to participating.

  3. How does one disable keyboard sending of emails??

  4. Your welcome everyone,
    My PC worked not correctly, too much mistakes and buggs. Please, help me to fix errors on my computer.
    My operation system is Windows7.

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