Feb 152009

Windows Error Reporting process (wermgr.exe) can cause system crashes or network connection issues in Windows 7 Beta. Windows 7 is still in Beta and have glitches here and there but what these unknown problems can cause the Windows Error Reporting Process start and spawn multiple instance (can even see something like 20 wermgr.exe on task Manager ) eating up the System Resources and trying to establish multiple connectionts to sen feedbacks to Microsoft of the issue. This can cause performance and network issues on your Windows 7 PC.

To work around the problem change the Error Reporting Settings to prompt before checking for solutions. To change the settings

1. Click Start – Control Panel

2. Click System and Security – Action center. In the leftpane, click “Change Action Center Settings

3. Click “Problem Report Settings” – “Change Report Settings for all users

4. Select “Each time a problem occurs, ask me before checking for solutions” and Click OK.



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  1. I still can’t get the internet on my dell computer. Error 651 is causing the trouble.How can it be fixed?

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