May 082008

After installing Windows XP Service Pack 3, you will find the “Address” option in right-click Windows Taskbar – Toolbars is missing from the available options.

Before installing SP3

Addres option before installing SP3

After installing SP3 

Address missing after installing SP3


This is not a bug or a problem by installing SP3 on your computer. It’s just that Microsoft has delibrately removed the option for legal requirements. To cut a long story short, the Anti-trust rulings against microsoft indicates that it is anti-competetive to integrate Internet Explorer so much into the system that alternate browsers are not considered by users.

However, you can workaround this. All you need to do is copy the file browseui.dll from your original Windows XP or Windows XP SP2 disk into C:\Windows\system32 folder replacing the newest version of the file installed by Windows XP SP3.

Alternatively, you can download the file from here, Browseui.dll file download in ZIP format. I’ve uploaded a copy of the file from my Windows XP SP2 installation.

This should help.

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  19 Responses to “Address missing from toolbars after installing Windows XP SP3”

  1. I cannot copy the file into the system32 folder. The file is in use.

  2. I was able to do it. I booted into safe mode and copied the file. It told me the file was in use but when I restarted the system in normal mode the file was there and the address bar option was back.


  3. You can booted into safe mode DOS
    then in cmd mode, use copy commmand copy to windows\system32

    it works!

  4. Excellent tip! I frequently hit sites by copying/pasting URLs into the Address toolbar; it’s great to have it back!

    Again, great research and a great tip!

  5. This us unconfirmed at the time of reading, but Explorer is crashing when i search for something using the standard Windows search pane, and the error report contains browseui.dll.

    I’m not sure if this was caused by me replacing the file (which worked and brought back my Address bar), but it seems to be. I will look into this further.

  6. But read what hallotoll has to say <a href=”″here:

    Simple, but a little bit dangerous.
    All previous versions of browseui.dll before 6.0.2900.3314 contian a security hole fixed first in version 3314. See MS08-024 for details.

    How serious is this risk?

  7. Rather than opening up a security risk that’s been patched… try this:
    1. create a new toolbar
    – right click on taskbar, toolbars, new toolbar (any folder)
    2. undock this new toolbar link (drag off taskbar into desktop)
    3. right-click on this undocked new toolbar and choose toolbars
    – the address option is still available here!
    4. enable address bar
    5. drag one or both of the toolbars (address and ‘new’) back to the taskbar
    6. remove the undesired toolbar and keep ‘address’


  8. Thank you Tyler… I did follow you “add new tool bar” idea and it worked perfectly… not “moving files” or any dangerous things. “Safe option”.


  9. The system Tyler suggested works fine until I reboot the computer. Then the address bar is gone again. Any other ideas?

  10. Thanks, Tyler, for the clear instructions. I couldn’t make sense of the folder/toolbar relationship before. However, as Denis posted it seems to disappear when you reboot.

  11. Many thanks for that tip! I use Firefox, and I was dismayed that the address toolbar was missing. However, I found that I had to boot into command mode and delete the SP3 .dll, and replace it with the one in your zip.

    Many thanx again!

  12. Guys, this just worked for me. My PC also would not let me overwrite the dll. All I did was to rename (add “-sp3″) the original file, then drag the new one over! (Frankly, I’m surprised Win let me rename it… but there it is.

  13. i have another problem when i press right-click on taskbar then toolbars there is nothing but Desktop & Quick launch …

    i want the wmp toolbar . i can see all the toolbars when i log in with the administrator account but with any other accout i dont see the other toolbars !!!

    win Xp pro sp3

  14. Tyler’s solution worked just fine! I use the address bar heavily, and found myself pretty lost without it… It’s good to have it back, without having opened up a security hole and without the likelihood that a future Windows update would spot the old DLL and try to replace it with the SP3 version…

  15. I created a free replacement, the MuvEnum Address Bar,that adds hotkey support plus a bunch of other features that makes it so you don’t have to do this workaround. Which ever method your prefer is up to you. You can read more about it at

  16. that’s a pretty stupid reason to remove it, considering the address bar uses whatever your default browser is. Ergo, if firefox is set to your default and you type a URL in that toolbar, it will open in firefox, not IE. I just use it for an always open, run box.

  17. oh, btw Tyler’s solution worked excellently =)

  18. arcanus Thumbs up …That is Genius

  19. i have the same problem with larry j., please help !

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