Jul 072008

When installing Windows XP SP3, yoou may be faced with error code 0x87FF054F “Internal error occured”. This can happen, if the Windows Automatic Update service is disabled. Could also be a problem with the “Background Intelligent transfer Service”.

To resolve the problem,

1. Click Start – Run – type “Services.msc” and press Enter.

2. Look for “Automatic Update” service and check if it is started. If it is not started then right-click and select “Start” to start the service.

3. Also, set the service to Automatic by right-click – properties. Under startup type, select “Automatic”.

4. Click Apply & OK.

Repeat the above for the “Background Intelligent transfer Service”.

Now, try to restart the installation and check if it helps!

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  3 Responses to “Error code 0×87FF054F – Internal Error when installing Windows XP SP3”

  1. Ich denke internet Expöorer8 Betq, sollte mann auch deinstalieren können, sonst ist als ein Parasit anerkannt, wollen Sie so sich bewerben um Ihre Produkte zu verkaufen???
    Ich habe internet expöorer8 beta instaliert zu probieren, jetzt habe ich verschiedene Felermldungen und löschbar ist es auch nicht, was soll das???

  2. hey this looks promising. my auto matic update had been turned off for a while and then i turned it on and it didnt seem to be working… but turning on backround looks like it may solve the intenal error. =0 hopefully ill be able to get sp3 ty

  3. Both my Automatic Updates and my Background Intelligent transfer Service are both on but I still receive the same message, can anyone e-mail me a solution?

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