Nov 012008

AutoMen it 's a multi pourpose encoder gui built on Mencoder. AutoMen can encode avi/mkv/mp4/mov/vob/mpeg/vro/ts/dvr-ms… in other video formats.

AutoMen con output this video formats

XviD (XVID & MP3)
FF4 (MPEG4 & MP3)
MP4 (x264 & ACC)
PSP (PSP  compatible)
PS3 (PlayStation3 compatible)
WMV (Xbox – Xbox 360)  compatible)
FFvHuff (HuffyUV lossless format)
MPEG2 (MPEG2 cbr + MPEG Layer 2 Audio)


AutoMen needs several applications to work properly : mencoder.exe, mplayer.exe, mp4box.exe, lvlchange, mediainfo, and the MKVToolnix.

Newer build of mencoder can be downloaded from Sherpya Site

MP4Box , Kurtnoise13 build's on

MediaInfo is used in command line mode, take it from http


Mkvtoolnix is used for mkv muxing (optional) or for the passthrough features. The Passthrough is used for converting mkv (h264+audio) to PlayStation3 compatible format without encoding.

On Program Path is possible to specify the path of varius application. Be sure to save settings and exit  changing path.

The “full” package will contain all needed software BUT MKVToolnix

Download Automen from here




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